‘Making A Murderer’s’ Steven Avery Slams Lawyers

Convicted murderer Steven Avery, who found nationwide fame as the subject of the documentary Making a Murderer, has hired new lawyers to represent him after slamming his old ones in a handwritten letter to InTouch Weekly.

LawNewz relays details of the note written by Avery, who has spent the majority of his life behind bars.

“‘Dean and Jerry didn’t do no investigation on this case, if they did I would not be in prison, They would have the Suspect if they did there Job!’ he wrote. (misspellings his)”

As the publication reminds, Avery was convicted in 2007 of the murder of photojournalist Teresa Halbach. His former lawyers, Dean Strang and Jerry Buting, defended Steven Avery and claimed that investigators at the Manitowoc County Sheriff’s Department were guilty of framing Avery as a retaliation to Avery’s earlier lawsuit in regards to being wrongfully convicted of an earlier rape.

Avery now is claiming that Strang and Buting botched the original trial due to their failure to challenge the prosecution’s claims and evidence. The publication shares that he indicates “they apparently could’ve called forensic experts to examine the lack of blood spatter at his home, and the processing of Halbach’s burnt body. Avery also claims his old attorneys failed to prove investigators planted Halbach’s car key in his home.”

Avery outlined more about his current opinion of the former lawyers who defended him, by way of a letter that involves a number of spelling errors, as indicated.

“Lawyers sould [sic] loose [sic] there [sic] license when they don’t investigate they [sic] case to proof there [sic] clients and they violating the Ethics, the State sould [sic] take there [sic] license for good.”

The controversial trial played out in the 2015 Netflix series Making a Murderer, and a second season is in the works. Avery was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole and has been busily attempting to prove his own innocence from behind bars. Avery continued in his letter to share more about his frustrations with his former legal team.

“Dean and Jerome are Bad Attorneys. They don’t now what Justice is and they don’t now what is a investigation is because if they did they would have done it for a innocent man like me!!!”

As noted, tactics Avery feels Stang and Buting should have used included testing the validity of the police department’s explanation as to finding Teresa’s car keys in Avery’s home. He feels that a simple reenactment could have easily disproved the investigator’s claims.

Avery also mentions the online theory that there were six burn barrels found on or close to his family’s property. The reports state there were only five, which points to sloppy police work — something that Avery feels would have caused all evidence put forth by the prosecution in regards to the barrels to be called into question.

This public mention in a negative light of his former lawyers is the first time Steven Avery has blasted the pair for their legal work. Jerry Buting and Dean Stang set out on a speaking tour after becoming well-known for their part in the case thanks to the documentary.

Kathleen Zellner now heads Steven Avery’s legal team, hailing from the state of Illinois. Zellner has been very successful in exonerating wrongfully-convicted individuals and is seeking to prove that Teresa’s keys were planted in Avery’s home, as InTouch shared late last month.

“[A]ttorneyKathleen Zellner — who’s responsible for the exoneration and release of at least 16 people in wrongful conviction cases — is having murder victim Teresa Halbach’s car key analyzed by state-of-the-art tests. These tests that could prove Teresa’s DNA was wiped off after her death using a solvent — and Steven’s DNA planted on the key.”

[Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]