Stassi Schroeder Travels To New Orleans Following Patrick Meagher Split

Stassi Schroeder and her Vanderpump Rules co-stars have arrived in New Orleans to celebrate Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz’s upcoming wedding.

Following a traumatic breakup from her boyfriend of two years, Patrick Meagher, Stassi Schroeder took to Twitter, where she shared a message about her group’s Season 5 travels.

“Gang’s all here!!!!! New Orleans!!! #tomkat – Pat O’s tonight!!!!!!!” Stassi Schroeder wrote on her account on July 27.

Along with Stassi Schroeder, Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz have been joined by Jax Taylor, Scheana Marie, and her husband, Mike Shay, as they enjoy a few bachelor/bachelorette activities before tying the knot next month.

Stassi Schroeder and Katie Maloney had a falling out during Vanderpump Rules Season 3 after Maloney began spending time with Scheana Marie, who was close with her fiancé, Schwartz. At the time, Maloney decided to join Scheana Marie and Mike Shay in Miami for their bachelor/bachelorette parties while Stassi Schroeder claimed to have been betrayed. Then, during Season 4, after meeting with Schwartz in hopes of making amends with Maloney, Stassi Schroeder surprised Maloney in Palm Springs, California, where they ultimately decided to put their issues behind them and move forward.

Stassi Schroeder has also made amends with Scheana Marie, whom she feuded with on and off for the first few seasons.

As for her split from Meagher, Stassi Schroeder confirmed news of their breakup earlier this month on Straight Up With Stassi, the reality star’s Podcast series.

“We’ve broken up and gotten back together so many times, it was like, ‘Goda****, we can’t do this pattern anymore, this routine of breaking up and getting back together every month,'” Stassi Schroeder explained to her listeners, according to a report by Radar Online on July 23.

During Vanderpump Rules Season 4, Stassi Schroeder was seen moving in with her longtime friend Kristen Doute after she and Meagher decided to live separately. She also spoke of the up and down nature of their relationship and frequent spats.

“This is a whole different type of breakup,” Stassi Schroeder continued. “It’s like a whole different type of thing. I didn’t lose any feelings for him. None of that changed. It’s just, like, I can’t handle this. Like, you don’t fit into my life. You don’t try to fit into my life enough, and we keep fighting, and I can’t handle breaking up all the time.”

Stassi Schroeder moved in with Meagher in New York City after filming Season 2 of Vanderpump Rules and later got an apartment with him in Los Angeles. However, Meagher chose to stay away from Bravo cameras and never appeared on an episode of the show.

While Stassi Schroeder and Patrick Meagher have been back and forth for years, the reality star didn’t seem hopeful for a future reunion.

“Normally, when we’ve broken up, I don’t get that upset because I feel like it’s going to be OK, you know what I mean? I don’t feel that way,” Stassi Schroeder admitted. “I’m trying to be an independent, strong, 28-year-old woman who doesn’t want to settle for this weird pattern. And it’s not about settling for him. He’s a wonderful man. Nobody would be settling by being with him. It’s settling for the way that we are together. I can’t settle for that.”

Stassi Schroeder and her co-stars will return to Bravo TV later this year for Vanderpump Rules Season 5. A premiere date has not yet been set.

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