Britney Spears Wants Justin Bieber As Guest Star And Love Interest?

Is it possible that Britney Spears, a pop music princess famed for singing “Baby One More Time,” and Justin Bieber, a pop music prince known for crooning “Baby,” might become professionally and personally connected? Britney wants Justin to work with her as a guest star and then do double-duty as her love interest, a source told OK magazine.

Spears most recently was with Charlie Ebersol. But the two split following eight months of love. That leaves her eager to enjoy the single-and-free-to-mingle life.

Is Britney Spears hoping to have Justin Bieber guest star? Is Britney Spears hoping to have Justin Bieber guest star? [Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP Images, File]When it comes to enjoyment, the 34-year-old singer feels that Bieber, 22, is the perfect companion, revealed the insider, who explained that the plan begins with Justin working with her.

“Ideally, she’d wants Justin to guest star in her Las Vegas show.”

Once the lights and applause fade, however, the fun begins. Spears reportedly is hoping to date Bieber based on his romance with reality TV star Kourtney Kardashian.

“She’s encouraged by the fact that he’s hooked up with Kourtney Kardashian even though she’s older. She thinks they could date!” noted the insider.

Does Justin Bieber want to add Britney Spears to his love interest list? Does Justin Bieber want to add Britney Spears to his love interest list? [Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP Images]But what about the age difference? Britney isn’t bothered by any gaps between their ages, according to the source, who also shared that Spears has “been into” Bieber for months, beginning when his Purpose album debuted.

“[Britney] really wants to get closer with [Justin].”

But is Bieber a free man, or is he involved with someone else? That’s become the celebrity romance question ever since the days of Justin and Selena Gomez forever entwined ended.

Bieber has been seen with women of all ages since the Jelena days, including Hailey Baldwin (19), Nicola Peltz (21) and Kourtney Kardashian (37). And while he hasn’t been spotted with Hailey or Nicola recently, Justin and Kourtney reunited earlier this month, according to People, which describes the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star as Bieber’s “former fling.”

Kardashian and Bieber devoted part of a weekend to hanging out together, reuniting at a nightclub to party. Their STORY Nightclub date occurred during Justin’s Purpose World Tour after-party.

“[Bieber] went right down to her table and brought her up to a private table behind the DJ booth,” a source told People.

However, the list of women romantically linked to Justin doesn’t end with Kourtney. Twitter recently trended with the report that Ariana Grande had replaced Selena as Bieber’s new love interest, according to Teen Vogue.

It all began when Justin used Instagram to share a photo of himself as Pikachu.

Because the picture derived from a fan account used to shipping the singer with Ariana (the watermark was the clue), fans jumped to the assumption that it was Grande and Bieber as the hot new couple. It helped that Ariana posted a similar photo.

Twitter took it from there, with fans divided into Team Jarianator (Justin Bieber + Ariana Grande) and Team Jelena (Justin Bieber + Selena Gomez). A hashtag began to trend to push the Jarianator camp to the top, with #JelenaWillNeverRise party going strong.

However, do two photos add up to a new romance for Ariana and Justin, or could it be that both Grande and Bieber truly love Pokémon? The singers aren’t revealing the answer yet.

With all these casual romances, that leaves the question of whether Britney has a chance with Justin to be answered. Both Spears and Bieber seem open to a new romance.

But could it really work out between Britney and the 22-year-old professionally and/or personally? Gossip Cop checked out the rumors that Spears is “crushing” on Bieber and “swooning” at the mere notion of collaborating with him.

“Not true,” a Spears insider said of the allegation that Britney wants Justin as her new love interest.

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