Leah Messer Dating Again — ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Posts Photo Of Mystery Man But Quickly Deletes It

Leah Messer hasn’t had much luck in the love department. She has had two failed marriages and numerous other relationships. Messer ended up on the show 16 & Pregnant with her then-boyfriend, Corey Simms. The two decided to get married and welcomed twin daughters. Messer ended up cheating on him, and he decided to walk away from the situation. She then ended up married to Jeremy Calvert and welcomed a daughter with him as well. After some very trying times, Messer and Calvert were divorced last summer. Since then, she has been semi-quiet about her love life.

Just a few days ago, Leah Messer popped up with new photos on Instagram. She debuted her skinny frame, which caused a lot of chatter about drug abuse and a possible eating disorder. Messer has denied using prescription pills in the past, but critics aren’t so sure she is sober now. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Leah Messer may have a new man in her life. She added an Instagram photo with a mystery man and quickly deleted it. If Messer has learned anything in life, it is that keeping your relationships private is important. She catches enough criticism for how she looks and how she raises her children without giving anyone anything else to talk about.

Teen Mom 2 is currently filming another season and despite reports that Leah Messer was considering leaving the show, she is very much a participant. She seems to be happy in life right now, showing off her new physique. Messer has always been a target for outrageous headlines, but the decisions she makes fuels them. There has been an ongoing custody battle for the twins between her and Corey Simms. Last season on Teen Mom 2, Messer lost custody of the girls and was only seeing them every weekend. Things were flipped again earlier this year, but if the rumors of substance abuse or an eating disorder are true, it will be back to court for her.

Last year, there were rumors that Leah Messer was dating T.R. Dues. While she never publicly confirmed she was in a relationship, there were definite signs. In fact, there were reports he moved in with her and her children. Messer was rumored to be jealous of his baby mama and tried to enforce rules about how and when he could speak with her. The two reportedly split for good earlier this year, and Dues was not around for any filming of Teen Mom 2. Fans were hoping he would have been present while filming, but it appears he would only come around when the MTV crews were not there. It was a bizarre situation, and Messer hasn’t addressed it at all.

The photo of Leah Messer and the mystery man has fans talking already. It was only up for a small amount of time and then deleted. There was some talk that it could have been a family member, but that wouldn’t make sense because she could have left that up. If Messer is currently involved with another man, he surely knows who she is and more about her than most. With two failed marriages in her back pocket, Messer needs to be careful about where she heads next. Her little girls watch her every move and with the situations she has created, they may be getting the wrong impression about what relationships should look like. As the new season of Teen Mom 2 continues to be filmed, fans hope it will show Messer in a positive light this time. While it is true that she has made some bad decisions, Leah Messer loves her children.

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