‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’: Scrapp DeLeon Returning For Season 6 After Early Prison Release

As Season 5 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta comes to a close, we’re already getting reports about who might return for the next season. A surprise report came from Fameolous claiming that Scrapp DeLeon may be coming back for another season. This is huge news considering that Scrapp is currently in prison and just recently began serving a five-year prison term.

Of all the LHHATL Season 5 newcomers, Scrapp is easily the most popular. Fans of the VH1 reality show watched as the aspiring rapper moved between romancing Tiarra and Tommie during the earliest episodes. Then, when his love triangle was busted wide open, and Tiarra moved on, Scrapp began romancing Karlie Redd instead.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta fans watched while Scrapp DeLeon’s fate played out in front of them. He went through his sentencing for a pretty major drug trafficking conviction and then turned himself in to begin serving a prison term while reality TV fans watched on.

Scrapp received five years in prison and 15 years probation for his involvement in a drug trafficking ring and will also have to pay a $100,000 fine when he is released. With just a few months served, there are now rumors that Scrapp will be getting out of jail early. It’s even more shocking to hear that his release may come early enough for the incarcerated rapper to start filming Season 6 of LHHATL.

After some pretty strong rumors that Mona Scott-Young and the VH1 producers may be looking for some new talent to replace the tired storylines for many of the veteran cast members, DeLeon’s return to reality TV would be good for the show. Of all the LHHATL newcomers in Season 5, Scrapp was easily the most popular and quickly built a fan base that continues to cheer him on even though he is currently housed at the Macon State Prison.

If Scrapp DeLeon does get let out of prison early, he’ll be able to return to the show to clear up some recent rumors that his mom Karen “KK” King has been spreading about the paternity of his son King with another new Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Tiarra. He’ll also get to confront Tommie for her erratic behavior during and after his exit from the show.

Now that Karlie Redd is single following the very embarrassing breakup she had with Lyfe Jennings during what fans thought would be a proposal, it’s almost certain that there will be some activity between those two reality stars as well.

Scrapp DeLeon’s return to Love & Hip Hop Atlanta for Season 6 would definitely be great for his career and would help with the ratings for the show. That hasn’t stopped fans from wondering how he would be able to negotiate an early release, though, considering that his five-year sentence was already reported to be a mandatory minimum sentence. Did Scrapp strike up a deal with prosecutors and roll on some of his previous business partners?

Also, if Scrapp makes a Season 6 comeback, does that mean his mom, Karen King, and his crazy girlfriend Tommie are coming with him? Aside from D. Smith and Bettie Idol, those two women are possibly the least liked cast members to grace the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta screens this season.

Are you looking forward to the possible return of Scrapp DeLeon for Season 6 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta? Tell us what you think about his possible early prison release in the comments section below.

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