‘Dancing With The Stars’ Season 23 Cast Rumors And Possible Premiere Date

Dancing with the Stars season 23 cast rumors are in full swing, and so is the speculation about when the hit show’s premiere date will air.

A slew of names is coming out of the woodwork as fans and the media try to figure out which celebrities might appear on season 23 of DWTS.

Parent Herald rounded up the names of celebrities who might compete on the ABC reality show this fall season and one of the best parts of this show is guessing who’s going to be a contestant for the upcoming season.

According to the report, some interesting personalities may be on the DWTS roster in September. As for the pros, it’s possible the two-time champion, Julianne Hough, will return to the show, as well as the veteran judge, Len Goodman.

Hough recently told Access Hollywood that she’s not going to be on the dance floor. Will she be a new judge? The pro dancer has competed on the show five seasons consecutively and was one of the judges from seasons 19 to 22. She unequivocally said she would not return as a dancer. Hough put an exclamation point on her decision by stating, “That’s for sure.”

Whether she returns as a pro dancer or judge, Morning News USA cited a report that quotes Hough as saying DWTS will always be a part of her.

“Regardless, I’m always going to be a part of the show somehow — it’s my family! It’s where I came from. Whether it’s as a judge or some [other] form, I’m sure I’ll be back in the ballroom at some point,” Hough said.

Julianne Hough may return to Dancing with the Stars season 23. She hints that if does make a comeback, she won't be on the dance floor (Photo Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images).

There are rumors that among the Dancing with the Stars cast members set to be officially revealed are former Bachelor New Zealand Jordan Mauger and ESPN’s The Coach co-host and former WWE broadcaster/star, Jonathan Coachman.

Mauger told Stuff in a July 20 report that although he’d love to appear on DWTS, he’s not the best dancer out there!

“My dancing abilities range from doing the hokey pokey to tripping over my own shoelaces,” Mauger said. “I think there are a lot better candidates out there than me.”

Regardless, Mauger would be quite open to placing himself outside of his comfort zone to see how well he’d do on the show.

Coachman has shared with the Miami Herald that he’d like to be one of the contestants in season 23. He was known for his dance moves with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson during his WWE days.

There are also rumors that Pitbull and Shakira will be a part of the cast of DWTS this fall. Earn the Necklace writes that Pitbull might be a judge for the show instead of a competitor, however.

Dominic Bowden was seen as a host on X Factor and Dancing with the Stars. He’s hosting E!’s The Hype, but the show is reportedly coming to an end, according to Spy. There’s chatter that he’s going to make a comeback on DWTS for season 23.

Those are the main names surrounding Dancing with the Stars cast rumors for season 23. Fans still have all summer before they learn the official roster of contestants.

There are additional rumors involving the premiere date of the show. Again, the network hasn’t revealed anything on this front, but it’s speculated that Dancing with the Stars season 23 will begin on Monday, September 12 at 8 p.m., ET/PT on ABC.

[Photo by Richard Stonehouse/Getty Images]