Barack Obama’s Brother Malik Says He Has ‘To Wait Six Weeks For An Appointment’ With The POTUS Who Has An ‘Attitude Problem’

President Barack Obama’s half-brother, Malik Obama, claims that the POTUS has “an attitude problem” and failed to follow through on the promises of hope during his presidency. In fact, Malik says that his brother has an air of superiority about him and that he forces him to “wait six weeks for an appointment” just to visit. Malik says that he has been disappointed in his brother’s presidency and that he will be voting for Republican Donald Trump in the upcoming election, forgoing his ties to the Democrat Party.

The Daily Mail reports that Malik Obama is no longer supporting the Democrat Party and will be voting for the man that his brother has called “a bigot,” “dangerous,” and “shameful.” Malik says he will be voting for businessman Donald Trump in November as he was not impressed with Obama’s eight years in the White House and is ready for a change. Malik points to Barack Obama’s promises of hope in the Middle East, which he says were never brought to fruition.

Malik currently lives in Kenya, but he is also an American citizen with voting rights in Maryland. He says that things have only gotten worse for the Middle East since his brother took office and seemed to blame Barack Obama for terrorist attacks across the globe.

“My brother became the President and he made a lot of promises and he was riding on the promise of hope and we had a lot of excitement. We thought he would do a lot of things, but if you look at the Middle East right now it’s a mess and people are being killed all over the place, San Bernardino, over there in Florida, in France and in Brussels…. all over the place.”

Obama’s brother spoke to Good Morning Britain about his concerns and made it clear that he is not impressed with his brother or the politics involved in his life now. Malik noted that in addition to disagreeing over political elements in Obama’s presidency, he also does not like his brother’s new attitude. He claims that Obama has an “attitude problem” and thinks “he’s up there” and better than everyone else since he is POTUS.

“This attitude like he’s the President of the United States, he’s made it, he’s up there.”

He goes on to blast his brother for requiring him to make appointments to see him and says that it often takes up to six weeks to get a response from his brother’s appointment maker. Malik says he is forced to be bold when he wants to talk to his brother, noting that there is a person he goes through to book appointments with Barack.

“I have to book an appointment, I have to send a request. There’s some lady I go through, some person and I send a request and say I’d like to see him. So I wait and I asked to see him, I wanted to see him back in June, around the 15th, and I haven’t got a response up until now.”

While Malik is hoping to get an appointment to speak with his brother, there is another politician he hopes to speak with as well. Malik Obama says he would love to meet and speak with Donald Trump as he feels the business mogul “speaks from his heart.” He says he likes Trump’s slogan of “Make America Great Again” and says that he will be voting Republican this November.

What do you think of Barack Obama’s brother Malik calling him out for failed policy in the Middle East and for problems with an attitude of superiority?

[Photo by Karel Prinsloo/AP Images]