‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Liam Opens Up, Quinn Orchestrates A Reunion With Eric, And Wyatt Aims To Live In The Moment

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Thursday’s show share that Liam will open up more to Eric while Quinn sets up a surprise upon her arrival in Monte Carlo. Wyatt is feeling content with his life now with Steffy, but the July 28 episode may set the stage for some shake-ups. Where are things headed next?

As viewers saw earlier in the week, Quinn endured some difficult moments during her flight to Monte Carlo. Eric may have sent her a text ending their relationship, but she is determined to track him down in person and change his mind. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers from We Love Soaps indicate that upon her arrival, she will set up a romantic way to bring him back to her.

Liam has been talking extensively with Eric during the journey to Monte Carlo, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers share that the two men will talk some more during Thursday’s show. Liam has been pushing hard to start doing some charitable work via Spencer Publications despite both Bill and Wyatt shooting him down at every turn. He will talk with Eric about how he is driven to do this because he feels as if he can’t fix his life, but maybe he can do something good to try to fix the world on a broader scale instead.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers from SheKnows Soaps share that during this discussion, Liam will talk more about all that he has gone through due to Quinn’s antics. Of course, this creates a complicated situation for Eric given his secret relationship. He clearly wants to support Liam, but it would obviously be quite upsetting to Liam if he knew that all he was expressing about his life and Quinn’s impact on it was being directed to the man who has secretly been sleeping with her.


During this chat, Eric will share some wisdom, noting that while time does heal all wounds, those wounds do not necessarily heal properly. Will all of this insightful discussion nudge Liam away from his quest to woo Steffy back? Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that the pursuit will continue, and things may be shifting on that front in a significant way very soon.

As for Wyatt and Steffy, they are enjoying their time together in Monte Carlo, and they have embraced some opportunities to be somewhat light-hearted and frisky. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers note that during Thursday’s show, Wyatt will talk about how he is going to try to live in the moment.


Wyatt is in a place where he is feeling fairly confident about how well things have come together for him in terms of work, his marriage, and his relationship with his father. However, teasers indicate that his world might be left shaken up pretty soon. As the week wraps up, Wyatt will see something between Steffy and his brother that reinforces how connected they remain, and there are hints popping up indicating that bigger problems may be on the horizon.

Eric and Quinn are said to reunite on Friday’s show, but their fling is going to be uncovered soon and this will cause some chaos as Steffy seemingly learns about it. As Celeb Dirty Laundry notes, Bold and Beautiful spoilers are swirling that Ivy may be back in the picture soon and this certainly could add to more chaos in terms of Wyatt and his brother.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that there is a lot of drama on the way, and viewers will not want to miss what is coming up next as relationships shift and the chaos escalates.

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