Calvin Harris, Kanye West Collab Coming Soon? The Ultimate Diss To Taylor Swift

Calvin Harris

Are Calvin Harris and Kanye West really planning to collaborate together? Rumors about the two artists working together have been swirling for the past few weeks. It would make sense since both Calvin and Kanye are in a feud with Taylor Swift at the moment.

According to E! News, Calvin Harris, 32, would love to collaborate with Kanye West, 39, but just not anytime soon. He thinks the rapper is an “intelligent” artist with great skill. An alleged insider also revealed that both West and Kardashian, 35, feel the same about Harris’ music.

This past weekend, Kim and Calvin made headlines when they both attended Jennifer Lopez’s 47th birthday party in Las Vegas. Rapper French Montana took to Instagram to post the group photo. A source told the outlet that the two even talked during the star-studded bash.

“When Kim walked in, Calvin saw her and stood up. He was clearly excited to see her and said ‘hi’ to Kim backstage,” another source told E! News, adding that the two stars “spoke for about 15 minutes.”

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But, it appears that Harris has no plans to work with West in the future. According to TMZ, the two are not even friends, although their share a mutual respect for each other’s craft. But, they “rarely speak,” especially when it comes to making music. The source told TMZ that Harris just wants to move on from his split with Swift. He’s clearly over it now and everyone else should be, as well.

In addition, the source said that when Calvin spoke to Kim at J.Lo’s birthday party, “music, Taylor and Kanye were not discussed. It was more like pleasant situations.”

Happy birthday Jennifer Lopez, legendary icon – and your show in Vegas is next level

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Insiders claim that Harris wants to avoid any possible collaboration with Swift’s enemies right now as part of “killing the narrative” that’s connected him to his famous ex-girlfriend in the media. The couple shocked their fans when they seemingly amicably split on June 1. Then, things quickly turned sour when Swift was spotted with Tom Hiddleston just two weeks later.

Although Calvin is clearly hurt, he wants to settle a truce with the singer, which is why he’s not entertaining the thought of a collaboration. An insider told Hollywood Life that he wants to move on from the drama that keeps following him.

“Calvin has been in contact with Taylor and is looking to have a truce with her moving forward. It is still touch and go and he can see it not working out, but after the drama with his song and everything else, he is considering moving on as long as she doesn’t put up any issues or drama to the situation.”

But, if Swift has her way and continues to drag him in the media, then Harris may change his mind and do a collaboration with West. As previously mentioned, this isn’t the first time that the Harris-West collaboration rumors swirled. Last month, it was reported that Harris is writing a breakup song about his relationship with Swift. Sources told the Mirror that he’s even looking to collaborate with West on the song.

“Kanye is up for doing something with Calvin and Rihanna and now Calvin’s no longer with Taylor anything is possible. Calvin feels that talking publicly is not the way to go, but expressing things in music is the better option. He’s currently working on some new music and has been milling over some tunes about heartbreak, deceit, and lost love.”

Harris’ previously assumed that his single, “Ole,” with John Newman was about his ex-girlfriend cheating on him with her new boyfriend. The two artists were even seen shooting the music video in Cabo San Lucas last month. Now, Newman is opening up to People about how that shoot really went down.

John Newman

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“Supposedly we had a holiday where he was movin’ on from his ex-missus,” the singer coyly told the outlet.

John was addressing the photos of Calvin partying with various women in the tropical location just three weeks after the new broke that he and Taylor had split. But, don’t expect the video to mimic Calvin’s relationship with Taylor. It’s all in good fun, claims John.

“No, we were actually working quite hard. It kind of showed what we were doing in a good way. We had a laugh. And it was good. It is based in Mexico, on the shore of Cabo. It’s kind of like a Calvin Harris video but with a fat, white, Northern English guy being a gimmick in it – almost like gimmicky Wolf of Wall Street.”

As for whether Swift inspired it? “It’s just a breakup song,” Newman added. “I always get a bit weirded out. I think that’s a question to ask him because it’s not my place to say, really.”

It’s not known when the music video will drop. There certainly will be speculation surrounding it once again when and if it does.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Calvin Harris and Kanye West will ever collaborate? Sound off below in the comments section.

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