Kevin McCall Reveals What Led To His Falling Out With Chris Brown, Talks Rihanna And Karrueche Tran

Kevin McCall is opening up about his recent social media feud with former friend and frequent collaborator Chris Brown in addition to revealing what ultimately led up to the duo’s now strained relationship following the success of their 2010 hit, “Deuces.”

In an in-depth interview with Hollywood Unlocked, Kevin McCall sets the record straight about his working relationship with Chris Brown, rumored romance with Karrueche Tran, and current status with ex-girlfriend and “baby mama” Eva Marcille.

During his interview, Kevin McCall reflects on his friendship and working relationship with Chris Brown in addition to revealing what led up to their “Deuces” collaboration and subsequent falling out.

When asked about the inspiration behind the duo’s “Deuces” track, Kevin explains, “It was a song I wrote about my first baby mama and my first love who broke up with me, and I felt like, you know, they missed out on a good deal. So I wrote the song, I was feeling myself…played it for Chris and he wanted it.”

McCall then adds, “I signed some paperwork, f***** my life over, and there you have the song.”

Similarly, when asked how he and Chris Brown went from “Deuces” to “‘Deuces’ with just the middle finger,” McCall reveals that he felt duped into signing with Chris Brown’s label, CBE, albeit admitting that he blames himself for not understanding the legalities of the contract.

“The paperwork wasn’t legit and I kind of blame that on myself,” Kevin admits. “I kind of have to change the narration that I’ve been given. It’s not a ‘woe is me’ story, I signed it, but at the same time it’d be like me bringing my partner in here and saying like, ‘Look, you trust me right? Sign this.’ And that’s kind of what happened.”

In addition, Kevin McCall cites creative differences as another contributing factor to his falling out with Chris Brown, noting that Chris was not happy with his decision to pursue collaborations with certain artists, namely Keke Palmer and Rihanna, while signed to Chris’ music label.

“It started when Rihanna came in the studio and [Chris Brown] was playing my songs and she was like, ‘Wait, we’re gonna get to your stuff, play his again. Is that you? That’s him? Play his again.’ And I’m like, ‘Oh my goodness. Do it, but don’t do it. I don’t know what do to,'” Kevin explains.

When asked if he felt that Rihanna was choosing between his music and that of Chris Brown’s, McCall adds, “Yeah, good music is good music. I like her music too.”

While Kevin denies having any sort of romantic relationship with Rihanna, McCall does admit to using Karrueche Tran as inspiration for his track “Baerucche” in an effort to get under Chris’ skin following the duo’s heated social media feud in June.

Speaking on his “Baerucche” track, which further fueled speculation suggesting that McCall and Tran were once romantically involved, Kevin admits, “The ‘Baerucche’ thing was kind of like just trying to piss him off, and it worked. And then [Karrueche] took it to the head and I’m like, ‘Whoa. Knock it off. You are built like a preteen. I don’t like women that are built like preteens, I like all shapes and sizes.'”

Kevin McCall further reflects on his falling out with Chris Brown by admitting that he “took the business too personally” in regard to Brown’s attempt to control the creative direction of his career, revealing, “Honestly, I don’t think a man can really stop you from doing anything. I think I was my worst enemy. I took the business too personally but in hindsight, I’ve got like five other labels battling over me right now. I do acting, other things…I don’t really need a Chris Brown deal. I just did that to show the world don’t f*** with me.”

Despite their differences and long history of battling it out on social media, Kevin reveals that he would be up for continuing a professional relationship with the “Grass Ain’t Greener” singer in the future before joking that the duo should settle their differences with a charity boxing match.

“Man, nobody want to fight me and I don’t want to fight nobody. I want to promote love, especially with what’s going on right now,” Kevin begins before noting that he and Brown should “do a charity boxing match or UFC match. “We could go closed fists or gloves and then donate the money to domestic violence.”

Currently, Chris Brown has yet to respond to Kevin McCall’s interview.

What do you think of Kevin McCall’s interview about his falling out with Chris Brown? Should the duo continue to work on music together in the future?

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