Kate Middleton And Sister Pippa Feuding Over Engagement? The Truth Behind The Claims

Pippa Middleton is living in the spotlight for the time being as the newly-engaged Middleton. However, this has not stopped media from publishing stories involving reported drama between Pippa and her royal sister, Kate. The latest story shares that the Middleton girls are feuding with one another over the engagement mainly because Pippa is apparently “fed up with Kate’s judgmental attitude,” as the International Business Times shares. The publication goes on to relay the words of an apparent source who spoke to InTouch about the drama between Kate and Pippa Middleton.

“After years of private drama, clashing views about courting attention and fresh concerns about a wild brother-in-law-to-be, Pippa doesn’t want Kate in her wedding party. She’s fed up with Kate’s judgmental attitude, and doesn’t want her to be a bridesmaid unless she starts to chill out.”

The feud has reportedly run deeper than the engagement. The sisters have been at odds over various issues for some time, so the story goes. The publication shares that Kate has found it “unseemly” that her “royal access” was having such a benefit on Pippa’s own career. The Duchess is reportedly unsure about Pippa’s soon-to-be husband, James Matthews, seeing as his brother has starred in a number of U.K. reality shows that are frowned upon by the royals.

Gossip Cop cites additional unverified details shared by this supposed source.

“Kate goes out of her way to portray herself as the perfect princess and is petrified the fame-hungry Pippa is going to ruin everything.”

GC shares that the tabloid indicates that this is an “old feud” that has been reheated, yet the celebrity gossip policing site has reminded that there was never actually a confirmed initial feud.

As noted, the most recent tension is reportedly due to Kate not being granted the role as Pippa’s maid of honor. It was Kate who made Pippa famous when she appointed her the maid of honor at the Royal Wedding back in 2011, after all. However, all of these reported issues and feuds have since been debunked as ridiculous lies by none other than Gossip Cop.

From third pregnancies to feuding with Queen Elizabeth, and now being described as “at war ” with Pippa, Kate Middleton is ever the subject of false claims. At the same time rumors have been flying about her third pregnancy, others have been making the rounds suggesting she and Prince William are experiencing a rocky patch in their marriage. All such claims have been proven false.

Gossip Cop has entirely debunked the feuding story, and has called out InTouch once more on their inaccurate portrayal of the beautiful sisters.

“[T]here’s no feuding going on between Kate and Prince William OR Kate and Pippa. These stories are simply the result of a U.S. tabloid trying to come up with new angles despite not actually having reliable royal sources. And while Pippa has yet to set her bridal party, Gossip Cop is told the engagement has not led to sister issues with Kate.”

In regards to Kate not having a role in Pippa’s wedding, this is all speculation based on royal experts who are aware of the etiquette that goes along with this very rare circumstance. Much like Princess Diana stepping back when Sarah Ferguson was married, following her own wedding to Prince Charles, it would only be right for the Duchess to do the same, so to not steal the spotlight from Pippa. Additional experts have noted that Kate and William’s children will likely have a role in the ceremony, which will keep Kate rather busy behind the scenes.

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