New ‘American Horror Story’ Teasers Are Terrifying And Leave Us Wanting More

FX has released some teasers for the next season of American Horror Story, and they will both thrill and confuse you. As reported by Entertainment Weekly, the clips were released on Snapchat and are now making their way around the internet. As they do, American Horror Story fans are trying to piece them together and figure out what they might mean for Season 6, a difficult task at best.

Six American Horror Story teasers were released, each with a different, but equally terrifying, peek at what we can expect in Season 6. The first teaser begins with a shot of a baby’s crib with a mobile above it, the baby crying. Creepy music plays as this American Horror Story teaser takes us closer. There’s a hook on that mobile as well as a long knife, the number six, and question previously released as the logo for American Horror Story Season 6, and a couple of other items that we assume are some kind of torturing devices. The baby’s bony, gnarled hand, with its long nails, reaches out of the crib toward the mobile and jerks the knife off the mobile. That’s the end of teaser No. 1.

So, what the heck is FX trying to tell us about American Horror Story Season 6 with this teaser? Well, as Variety reported, many fans have speculated that the next round of American Horror Story episodes will be about Michael, Vivian’s devil child that she gave to Constance to raise. That theory certainly fits with the images in the first teaser. But, as PopSugar reported, it may also support another theory that the new season of American Horror Story will focus on a cult. How? Well, some see this teaser as a reference to Rosemary’s Baby, which was about a satanic cult.

That is only the first of six new American Horror Story teasers, though. The second one shows black smoke (in the form of the Season 6 logo of course) rising from a farmhouse. That is followed by the sound of a chainsaw and a woman screaming, then a quick cut to teaser four that shows the silhouettes of a man and a woman holding hands with a little girl, all of their eyes glowing. Is American Horror Story going to do some variation of Texas Chainsaw Massacre? Hmmm.

The fourth of the new teasers shows American Horror Story viewer favorite Lady Gaga, a centipede crawling down her head to her face, curling around the tip of her nose. It’s a short one that’s quickly followed by another short one in which we initially see someone using a staple gun and someone’s hand jerking with each staple. As the camera pans back, American Horror Story fans gasp in wicked fascination as we see that he has been stapling the man’s head as it lays on a table. What? The only thing we can glean from this is that it confirms the return of Lady Gaga, but what else does it mean? No ideas on these yet.

Finally, the last American Horror Story teaser, what’s in it? Again, not sure what it represents, but it will make your heart race as a woman runs down a set of metal stairs and hands grab at her feet between the stairs as she goes. One finally catches her at the end.

Ryan Murphy and the other folks at American Horror Story have kept a tight wrap on the theme of the new season. These teasers don’t change that much. They’re tantalizing and get us excited to see what Season 6 will hold, and they seem to support some American Horror Story fan theories, but they don’t give away a single thing. Guess we’ll have to tune in on September 14 and see what happens!

Check out all six teasers below.

[Image via FX]