‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Inside Source Claims ‘BB19’ Is In The Works, Will Air In Mid September? [Rumors]

Big Brother 18 spoilers tease that CBS may be in the beginning stages of casting for a BB19, which is allegedly set to air in September. Reality Blurred claims that an inside casting source leaked information that the network could air Big Brother 19 in mid-September, right after BB18 concludes. Many fans doubt that the rumor is true as CBS has only aired the series twice in a year once, and that was during the 2007-2008 writer’s strike.

Reality Blurred claims that the casting for Big Brother 19 is not being led by Robyn Kass, who has been the casting director for the show. Kass is working to cast Big Brother Canada at the moment. The source did not reveal who was leading the alleged casting for BB19.


It looks as if there is no concrete answer to the question about whether or not Big Brother 19 will air in the fall. Many fans are hopeful, but they know that it is highly unlikely the series would return so soon after the conclusion of BB18. The one piece of information that makes it possible is Big Brother 18 was a hit and scored high ratings. That makes it at least believable that CBS would want to air another season of the show during the current year.

Big Brother Casting changed their website recently to reflect that they are currently looking to cast the show. It seems to point to the fact that CBS is, at the very least, considering a fall season of Big Brother.

“Welcome to the Big Brother casting website. We are now accepting applications. All applicants must meet the eligibility requirements in order to be considered.”

Reality Blurred speculates that if CBS does bring Big Brother back in late September that the house (set) may not get a makeover. They could “reuse” the same theme and worry about redecorating for BB20 in the summer of 2017. Apparently, the season would be shorter, nine to ten week (or 70 days) It would be noticeably shorter when you consider that Season 18 is 99 days long. The season would air on CBS All Access and would not air on the network, but as the time approaches, the plan could change, according to the report.

According to an inside source, the person reaching out to possible players has experience casting previous seasons of Big Brother. They also have experience casting Survivor and Amazing Race. Their expertise in the field would help them line up a cast quickly.


The rumor began to gain a life of its own the past few days on social media. Many people doubt that it is true considering the work involved to broadcast just one season of Big Brother every year. The team works most of the year to bring the show for just 99 days, how would they pull off putting a season together in less than two months.

Now, that’s not saying it couldn’t be done in less time. When CBS needed to, a season was pulled together when the writers went on strike in 2007. It was a successful season and in no way seemed “thrown together” despite the time crunch the network had to cast the season.


CBS has not revealed if BB19 will air in September, following the conclusion of BB18. Right now, it is a rumor and seems to be (mostly) unfounded. There was only one time (BB9) that CBS aired a season of Big Brother outside of the summer, and it was due to a writer’s strike that lasted from November 2007 through February 12, 2008.

If there is any truth to the report, CBS should verify the rumors in the next few weeks. The Amazing Race is missing from the fall lineup, and many BB18 viewers on social media speculated that Big Brother could take their time slot if they choose to air it on the network and not online.


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