Leah Messer Scary Skinny? New Photos Concern Fans The ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star May Have Relapsed

Fans are worried about Leah Messer’s health after a few bikini photos surfaced online.

The Teen Mom 2 star posted the images on Instagram and looked thinner than ever in her bikini. Has she relapsed?

“What would I do without my boos!?” she captained the image.

What would I do without my boos!? #sisters #cousins #Family #Pool #Summer2016 ❤️

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According to Hollywood Life, some fans were quick to skinny-shame Messer. Some fans pointed out how the reality star used to be thicker, which only sparked a debate about her body type.

“She needs some meat on her bones she doesn’t look healthy,” one fan commented.

“I just hope she is ok. She’s probably stressed!” another added. “This does not look healthy and neither do her teeth. I can see being concerned.”

Wonderwall, however, is reporting that other fans came to Messer’s defense, describing her as “beautiful,” “hardworking,” “amazing,” and “smart.”

“If I had three kids and looked like her. I would be one happy woman,” a fan wrote. “Maybe she has a health problem such as thigh roid problems..? You’ll never know cause it’s not your business as a fan. Get over yourself, grow up and find something better to do then rare someone else down.”

Messer also shared a photo on Instagram holding her niece, which didn’t draw the same amount of negative feedback.

Messer has responded to the allegations about her drastic weight loss. In fact, the reality star shared some harsh words about tabloids using old pictures of her to highlight the weight loss.

“I’m not sure I’ve LOST drastic weight, idiots,” Leah Messer stated. “The first picture is in 2011 right after my twins were born.”

Lunchhh was delicious, and now it’s time to get back in the pool w/ my baby! Of course we miss sissys!???????? #Summertime #2016 Sooo many memories being made!☺️ #Happy #Healthy #LifeisBEAUTIFUL????????

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According to Blasting News, many fans suspected that Messer is back on drugs, which would explain the weight loss.

As fans of Teem Mom already know, Messer has a long history of struggling with opiate abuse. Messer underwent treatment for her addiction in Arizona last year.

Although she was addicted to pain medication, she never admitted that her stay in Arizona addressed that problem. Instead, Messer told her co-stars that she went away to treat depression and anxiety.

Despite Messer’s recovery, fans were quick to point out signs of a possible relapse.

“Back on drugs again?” a fan asked her. “I hope you’re not taking opiates again.”

Others were a little more concerned.

“As someone who had a post opiate addiction… The weight loss, teeth, constantly pinned eyes are not good signs,” another fan shared. “This is a sign of something wrong. It’s sad.”

Messer has yet to address the rumors about her apparent relapse, though she is still adamant that she hasn’t lost a lot of weight.

Meanwhile, this isn’t the first time Messer has been the center of controversy and likely won’t be the last.

leah messer underweight Leah Messer and her girls. [Image via MTV]According to The Hollywood Gossip, Messer has faced a lot of criticism for her poor parenting decisions.

Apart from being drugged up while holding a kid or inadequately feeding her daughters, Messer recently shared another video of her kids in the car. The only problem is that Messer is driving while shooting the clip at the same time.

“FYI: My eyes stayed on the road the ENTIRE time, so try to be nice in the comments,” Messer tried to assure fans. “Otherwise, I will block you, k? thanks!”

Unfortunately, that isn’t how the real world works, and fans were quick to point out the dangers in capturing a video while driving.

Messer and the rest of her family, including her three children, are currently filming for the new season of MTV’s Teen Mom 2.

An official premiere date for the show has not been set, though fans can expect it to return late this year or in the spring.

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