NASCAR’s Soap Opera

This story is so crazy that sometimes I feel like I am no longer a NASCAR reporter, but a TV columnist watching some silly day time Soap Opera meant for house wives. First a little background, Jeremy Mayfield was suspended earlier this year by NASCAR for failing a drug test. Mayfield successfully counter sued NASCAR had won a temporary reinstatement. Before Jeremy cold load up his team and get to the track this story took a wild turn.

NASCAR went back to the Judge claiming Jeremy had failed another drug test, and that they had a witness to his repeated use of Meth. That witness turned out to be Jeremy own step mom Lisa Mayfield. Upon hearing that his Step Mom was testifying against him, Jeremy dropped yet another bomb, that Lisa had murdered his father. He then took steps towards filing a wrongful death suit against her.

Meanwhile Lisa field suit against Jeremy for Slander and defamation of Character. Now comes word that Lisa went to Jeremy’s home over the weekend and caused enough of a disturbance that the police were called. Apparently Lisa was drunk and banging on the door of the Mayfield home. A few family members of a non related family staying at the home were also assaulted by the intoxicated Lisa. Lisa was arrested and spent the night in jail following the incident.