Brock Lesnar Steroid Arrest: Jim Cornette Shares Beast Incarnate’s ‘America’s Dumbest Criminal’ Moment

Brock Lesnar did not earn his reputation developing sound scientific theories.

He admittedly didn’t get much out of school and has shown nothing more than a mild tolerance for his careers of choice — MMA fighting and professional wrestling.

In fact, if anything Brock came out of UFC 200 $10 million richer while flouting the rules and facing no repercussions from WWE — the organization that pays him millions to work part-time. This is kind of the ultimate form of trolling when you think about it.

While UFC seems to be where his heart is, the inability to test clean on a USADA drug exam shows that he doesn’t care so much about the organization to play by the rules and uphold the integrity of sportsmanship.

When it comes to WWE, Brock Lesnar has made no bones about it.

He hates the schedule and cares nothing about the brotherhood. It’s not that he doesn’t have a few friends in the industry; he just doesn’t make friends easily and doesn’t care to, as explained by the Beast on the video Stone Cold Steve Austin Podcast.

So now that it’s established that Brock Lesnar didn’t earn millions of dollars for his brain or likability, it will come as no surprise that his recent infraction against UFC (and WWE, really) isn’t the first time he’s messed up.

Only the last time he did so it was during a time when he wasn’t quite as intellectually savvy, and Jim Cornette gleefully shared that story on a recent episode of the Jim Cornette Experience.

It was early in the Beast Incarnate’s career that he and a wrestler that Cornette refused to name were working in Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW), the WWE’s older version of NXT.

Brock and the unnamed wrestler allegedly called Cornette one night with the news that they’d been busted for purchasing illegal substances through the mail.

Take it with a grain of salt since it’s Cornette, but according to the tennis racket-toting manager, the way that Brock and his buddy got caught was unbelievably absent-minded.


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They reportedly ordered the drugs from a shady dealer that authorities had their eye on, used their real names, and showed up in person to sign for them.

Because the dealer was under surveillance, the two were easily picked up by police. Lesnar’s question for Cornette was this: “How much trouble am I in?”

Clearly, the answer to that question was “not very much.” Brock Lesnar had his felony charge dismissed four months after the January 2001 incident, according to the Smoking Gun, and was back in the squared circle in no time. The rest is history — or at least it was until the recent testing ahead of UFC 200.

It should be noted that Brock Lesnar may be laughing all the way to the bank currently, but his screw-up with USADA likely cost him a future payday with his old employer, leaving just WWE in the Brock Lesnar business.

If Brock doesn’t have anywhere else to go, then that tips the balance of power back in favor of Vince McMahon, and it would not be surprising to see Lesnar booked less strongly in the coming two years of his contract.

Then again, if Vince sees a chance to make big money with the Beast, he will likely take it. And if that happens, you can bet that Brock Lesnar will do his best to do what’s best for Brock Lesnar.

[Image via WWE]