‘Big Brother 18’ News: Julie Chen Reveals Pick To Win, Thoughts On Alliances

Julie Chen looks great

Things are really heating up in the Big Brother 18 house, but one person is watching their every move. Julie Chen is the host of the show, but she is also a big fan. ET shared that Julie Chen is now revealing who her favorite is to win and what she thinks of some of the alliances going on in the house. Julie is paying attention to every move.

When it comes to her favorite to win Season 18 of Big Brother, Julie Chen shared her thoughts.

“I would say, right now, Paulie [Calafiore] is winning. In the beginning, he wasn’t in any alliance, just doing his own thing. Now, he’s won competitions, he’s calling a lot of shots. I think he’s playing a much better game than his brother Cody did [in season 16].”

Julie explained a few reasons that Paulie could win it and they are pretty obvious. Paulie has friends, is gorgeous and is great at competitions. He has done a bit of flirting in the house, but there isn’t a full on showmance at this point, which of course helps keep Paulie from being a target.

Even though Paulie is Julie Chen’s favorite to win the game. She feels like Paul should be watched too. Julie Chen said, “He really has reinvented himself in the house. Paul is smart. He played it a little too heavy-handed in the beginning, a little bit too loud. He’s learning how to get along with everybody, which is so important if you want to win Big Brother. You can’t win this game easily with a lot of enemies.”

Of course, Julie mentioned that Paul has moved on from Victor and the two aren’t near as close as they used to be. She feels like Bridgette is too loyal to Frank and that Frank better get a paddle. Things aren’t looking near as good for Frank as he would like them to. Julie Chen is smart and watching every move in the house right now. Julie Chen also had a bit to share about James. He is another returning player who has a great game going right now for him.

“Having James as [Head of Household], that’s new this season. He’s not the most competitive guy. He’s an easy going guy who probably doesn’t care if he wins or loses the game. He just wants, I think, a summer vacation.”

Movie Fone shared that there are rumors that Julie Chen and Big Brother will be back for another season in the fall. That would mean instead of waiting for another year for a new season of the show, fans would get to see it right away, which would be great. Everyone hates waiting so long for another season and they usually don’t have one in the fall. Here is the rumor that was posted.

“Big Brother will air its 19th season this fall, I’ve learned, making it only the second season in its history to air outside of the summer. A person close to the casting process told me the show is casting now and will air mid-September, after this season concludes. No other details were available. The show has been actively casting in recent days, but with no word of an air date.”

What do you think of Julie Chen’s favorites to win Big Brother 18? Do you feel like Paulie stands a good chance of winning this season? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of Big Brother 18 on CBS. It will be interesting to see if Julie Chen is right about the winner or not, but it looks like she could be.

[Photo by Matthew Eisman/Getty Images]