The Next ‘Bachelor’ Is Reportedly One Of These Two Guys From JoJo’s Season Of ‘The Bachelorette’

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Last night on the “Men Tell All” special of The Bachelorette, all of the guys came back together to speak their mind and say how they feel. It is now known that JoJo Fletcher will choose between Robby Hayes and Jordan Rodgers on the season finale, but some fans are already looking ahead to who may be the next Bachelor star. There are two very likely choices, but are they really the best options to be the focus of ABC’s hit reality show?

Don’t expect a lot of spoilers ahead. Anything that you’re about to read will be from events that have already happened, so don’t expect to find out anything that hasn’t aired on TV yet.

When Luke Pell was eliminated after the hometown dates, the jaws of the collective Bachelorette viewing audience hit the ground. She had spoken so vividly and strongly about their chemistry and how he was such the perfect guy.

Then, he told her that he had fallen in love with her and knew that she was the right girl for him. Even after all of that, she still ended up sending him home while becoming a blubbering and sobbing mess who thought she had made a huge mistake.

All Luke wanted was an opportunity to love her.

After the overnight dates (actually during them), JoJo sent Chase McNary home by causing him to get very angry due to her rejection. Some think that it was a huge mistake to take him to Thailand over Luke in the first place, but it was the way that the leading lady ended up doing things.

Now, will the next lead on The Bachelor land with either one of those men? E! Online spoke with Chase about the possibility of taking on that role, and he didn’t seem overly thrilled with the idea right now since he’s still getting over being dumped.

“It’s just a heavy situation. It’s just one step at a time for me. Nothing’s been out there, no opportunity’s been offered, so I’m just doing me.”

On the other hand, Luke Pell was a bit more interested in being the star of Season 21 of The Bachelor and finding the love he recently missed out on.

“The process worked for me. JoJo kind of allowed me to love again, it was something I hadn’t done in awhile prior to our relationship. I’m at a place now where I’m excited to be in love again. I think that if that comes up and that’s in the future for me, I couldn’t be more excited to find it.”

Both men said that they really wanted to have “emotional stability” in their next relationship, and they will get the chance to find that somewhere. If they are guiding the next season of The Bachelor, Luke or Chase will be able to decide which one of 25 to 30 women are as fun-loving as they are.

While the expectation is that Luke or Chase will take the next top spot on ABC’s hit reality show, some don’t feel as if they are the right choice. Zap2It has arguments against both guys, and it is actually their personalities which are working against them.

Supposedly, Luke has no real sense of humor and a rather bland personality that makes him the overly nice guy, but nothing more. Zap2It also feels as if Chase is just so “nothing” when it comes to any type of emotion and that he is actually more like “Chase the Robot” than the next guy that many women want to date.

Maybe they were onto something with the whole stone-cold emotion thing with Chase.

Luke Pell or Chase McNary are quite possibly the leads to take the role as the next star of The Bachelor, but should they be? Fans have already let their feelings known and it is obvious that two of the most popular guys from JoJo Fletcher’s season of The Bachelorette are Luke and James Taylor, but there has been no mention of the latter getting the job. There has been no official word from ABC, but all signs seem to point to the boy from Texas as the next Bachelor.

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