Dr. Drew Not Picking Sides In The Rihanna And Chris Brown Saga

For no apparent reason other than to give his opinion, licensed doctor Dr. Drew Pinsky stopped by Lance Bass’ new radio show on SiriusXM to discuss pop culture. Of course, the discussion eventually lead to Chris Brown and Rihanna’s domestic abuse scandal and their subsequent public fall outs and reconciliations.

Dr. Drew told a very intrigued Lance Bass the statistical rate of someone staying with their abuser, stating, “On average, it takes a woman in a domestic violence situation eight attempts at leaving before she leaves. They go back — they misinterpret the intensity as love. They think it’s so intense and great, ‘He loves me so much, that’s why he got so upset.’ We haven’t heard the end of this.”

Then things got a little peculiar when Bass asked Pinsky if Rihanna has battered woman syndrome. Pinsky then took the opportunity to say, “Let’s face it, she’s attracted to that … Listen, I don’t fault either person. I don’t [say,] ‘Oh, it’s a bad person.’ These are human experiences. These are very common situations these days.”

While the statement may be vague, it does leave room to be openly interpreted. Was Dr. Drew saying that Chris Brown is not a bad person for his physical violence towards Rihanna? Was Dr. Drew saying it was Rihanna’s fault because of her physical attraction towards a specific type of person?

Later on he compared the situation to people who want to diet and the change they have to make. “Things like going on a diet or getting more exercise takes a long time,” said Pinsky.

What do you make of Dr. Drew’s odd comments?