Kanye West Kept Taylor Swift From Getting VMA Nominations This Year?

Apparently, Kanye West is so furious with Taylor Swift, he made sure that the pop artist wasn’t going to get any MTV Video Music Award nominations this year.

The nominee list for the MTV VMA’s was released this week, and a whole lot of Taylor Swift fans were upset to see that their “Shake It Off” singer was nowhere to be found on the list. According to HollywoodLife, a source close to Taylor says it’s possible that Mr. West could be behind all of this.


“There are people close to Taylor that believe Kanye (West) could be behind this,” the source told Hollywood Life exclusively. “They believe he gave MTV an ultimatum. There’s no proof but no one would put it past him.”

An ultimatum? Kanye and Taylor have got to be two of the biggest stars on the planet right now, and they both have the tremendous degree of power that would be required to pull off an ultimatum like this. If this is true, Kanye is being pretty petty, although he’s admitted that he is, so maybe this should make sense.

One key component to remember here is that there is no proof, according to this alleged source. This didn’t come from a neutral source, this specifically came from someone who claims to be close to Taylor. So Swift’s team must be questioning whether or not Kanye would actually do something like this.

“It’s a huge slap in the face to be left out like this,” the source told the publication.


This paints Kanye West as a villain in this scenario. Similar to him jumping on stage and interrupting Swift’s acceptance speech at the VMA’s years ago. Yet again, it looks like someone in Taylor’s life has it out for her, and she’s completely innocent. This should be noted, because this is often the narrative that is told in the press and the media.

Kim Kardashian, after she exposed Taylor Swift on Snapchat, said she’s tired of the singer always “playing the victim.” We’ve seen people in the industry, like Katy Perry, subtly hint that Swift isn’t who she appears to be on the surface. Calvin Harris, Swift’s ex, even had some frustration towards Taylor and how she “controlled the media” following their breakup.

People ran an article back in June, claiming that Harris was somehow “intimidated” by the success of Swift. So much so, that he supposedly decided to end the relationship based on that. This is another example of Taylor looking innocent and the other person looking either pretty guilty of doing something unfavorable.

If we are going to believe the rumors that Kanye West purposefully ruined any chances of Taylor Swift earning MTV Video Music Award nominations this year, all of these factors have to be taken into account. This rumor is coming from Taylor’s camp, and if it’s possible that Kanye would actually do this, it’s possible that Swift’s team is just spinning a narrative to pull people back onto her side.

It would seem like Kim’s revenge would have been more than enough. Does Kanye West really need to continue going after Taylor?


Regardless, Kanye West is going to be performing at this year’s VMA’s ceremony. A source also told Hollywood Life that the “Famous” rapper is looking to call Taylor out while he is on stage.

“Also as we all know, he is bound to say anything when the mic is in his hand and he is ready to make many statements about many things including any stuff about Taylor. And if Calvin wants to join the stage with him, count Kanye being very interested into that as well.”

So there is a lot to unpack here. Do you think Kanye West sabotaged Taylor Swift’s chances at winning a VMA this year? Or do you think Taylor’s camp is just trying to control the media once again, in her favor?

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]