Heidi And Spencer Pratt: ‘We Faked Our Fights On The Hills’

In a not so shocking reveal, reality star has -beens Heidi Pratt and Spencer Pratt have said that they completely staged their fights on The Hills. The Hills which was aired on MTV and made famous by Heidi and Spencer’s escapades had put the two up to the task of creating drama.

According to Spencer and Heidi in a candid interview with Us Weekly, the duo was told to fuel their fights to create onscreen drama. Spencer even told the magazine that he loved the part too much, “I was hell-bent on being the bad-guy character on the show. I got caught up in it.”

The couple who got married three years ago both agree that their relationship was just as fake on the hit show. Heidi voiced in agreement, “Spencer and I never fight like that. Never.” In fact, the pair are apparently so dedicated to each other that Heidi, who was once Heidi Montag changed her last name to Pratt, a ritual that usually takes place on the day of the wedding. Mrs. Pratt called it, “ the biggest thing in my life.”

After the duo claimed that they were broke after blowing tons of money, Spencer is said to be focused on getting a political science degree from the University of Southern California. “I’m turning down paid appearances,” said Pratt. “We don’t have celebrity-sized money anymore, but we’re fine. I’m happy to be around normal people these days!”

Do you think Heidi and Spencer will measure the test of time?