Mary Beth Haglin Facebook Photos: 24-Year-Old Teacher Admits Sex With 17-Year-Old Student [Video]


Mary Beth Haglin is a 24-year-old substitute teacher who is under plenty of scrutiny after Haglin admitted to having sex with a 17-year-old former student. According to KWWL, Mary Beth is now staring down at sexual exploitation charges after the teacher exposed the truth about the sex she had with the high school boy in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

On Haglin’s Facebook page, her first name is listed as a single name — “MaryBeth” — however, in the news reports being published about Haglin, her first name is listed as “Mary Beth.” Either way, Haglin admitted to her guilt when Mary Beth turned herself in to the Linn County Sheriff’s Office.

mary beth haglin
The reason Haglin is getting more attention for her inappropriate relationship with a student at Washington High School where Mary Beth was once a substitute teacher is because Haglin claims that the school told the teacher to keep the controversy to herself so as not to damage the reputation of the school.

Photos of Haglin from Mary Beth’s Facebook page can be seen via Heavy.

Unlike other subjects of controversial news reports who quickly delete or hid their Facebook pages, Haglin’s Facebook page is still active as of this writing, with plenty of photos showing Mary Beth in a variety of situations.

Update: The link at now reports that Haglin’s Facebook page is no longer available. Apparently, the 6,000 views that the Heavy article about Mary Beth has received — along Haglin’s 13-page photo gallery showing some of Mary Beth’s Facebook photos and selfies that appear as if they were taken in school classrooms — were too much for public viewing.

Facebook reports that Haglin’s Facebook page can’t be displayed at the moment — with the Facebook page either going private, being hidden or deleted. Even the Google cache of Haglin’s Facebook page is not available as of this writing.

Previously, Haglin and the unnamed 17-year-old boy were still in a relationship, according to Mary Beth. However, according to Haglin’s account in the following video from the Daily Mail, Mary Beth says that she is no longer in contact with the boy — and claims she doesn’t want him to contact her.

According to KGAN-TV, Mary Beth said she was ultimately fired — after first having sex with the boy for the first time in October of 2015. Haglin claimed that the school knew about the relationship since February.

“These people all knew what was going on, and yet they turned a blind eye because they wanted to protect their school. They didn’t want it to get into the limelight. They allowed this to happen. They knew in February. They tried to keep this under their hats so that it wouldn’t look bad for Washington High School.”

“We both knew what could happen. He gave me a lot of solace and comfort.”

“They never actually said they were banning me from school grounds, they never said they were banning me from working at any other school, they never said they were banning me from thus-and-so many feet of any school. They never said any of that.”

“I do regret what took place, I did not intend for anything to get this far ever at all in my life, and so I do, you know, apologize to everybody involved for that.”

Haglin claimed she was speaking out in order to tell the public that the school knew about her wrongdoings.

Meanwhile, the Cedar Rapids School District responded to reports that Mary Beth was fired but re-hired to teach at an elementary school in the same school district — a move that they chalk up to miscommunication.

The district listed Haglin’s full name as Mary Elizabeth Haglin. Mary Beth was charged for her sexual relationship with the 17-year-old — even though the Iowa age of consent is 16 years of age — because Haglin was an authoritative figure as a teacher.

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