‘Married At First Sight’ News: Lillian Vilchez Speaks Out About Her Wedding Day

Lillian Vilchez

The new season of Married at First Sight just started airing last night, and now the new cast is ready to let the fans get to know them better. People shared that Lillian Vilchez shared a blog post and explained all about what made her decide to get married this way and more. She was left with a broken heart from her last relationship and was hoping that this time would be different.

Lillian Vilchez is now married to Tom Wilson after meeting him on the same day they would tie the knot. Lillian shared why she decided to do this experience saying, “The matching on Married at First Sight is based on many different factors, including core values, psychological evaluations, personality assessments and one-on-one. The extensive process is what drew me to the show. I mean, these experts have to take this seriously – their careers are on the line.”

Lillian shared that she went into this knowing 100 percent that this was what she wanted to do. She didn’t doubt the process. As soon as they told her that she had a match, she started to imagine her fairy tale. Lillian revealed all about how her mom was the first person she called saying, “Some people would be nervous or even scared that they got chosen, but I was ecstatic! I couldn’t believe that I was lucky enough to get matched, and I would be meeting my future hubby in just TWO weeks! My initial reaction was to call my mom – hearing her voice is always so calming. But I immediately realized that this time was different. She went right in and started highlighting the terrifying reality of the situation, and the nerves suddenly started kicking in.”

When it came to this process, Lillian knew she was taking a lot of chances, but it was worth it to her. She looked at the pros and cons then decided that it was worth it. Lillian took her mom out shopping with her for her wedding dress.

One thing everyone remembers about Lillian Vilchez is that she freaked out over the idea of pearls on her wedding day. She explained that this is a culture thing and that in Latin culture pearls mean “tears of the sea.” She was going to be marrying someone she didn’t know so this was a huge chance for her to take. Then her new husband got her pearls, which was shocking and not what she had planned. Lillian shared her thoughts.

“My first reaction was to quickly put them on. They were so beautiful and I wanted everyone to see me wearing them. I wanted my husband to see me wearing them, so I asked my mom to put them on me. But I noticed she was super hesitant and for a moment I forgot why. ‘It’s bad luck!’ my sister said. My heart immediately dropped. Here I was, holding these beautiful pearls that my future husband got for me and was probably expecting me to wear as I walked toward him for the first time, and I simply couldn’t. Suddenly, the thought of not walking down the aisle wearing them brought tears to my eyes.”

Between the pearls and the rain, Lillian was very concerned that these were all bad signs. Only time will tell if Lillian and Tom are able to get their marriage to work out long-term. Everyone can’t wait to see if these Married at First Sight couples have really found love or not.

FYI also explained a bit the fact that this curse that Lillian was worried about might just not mean anything. Also, a rainy day is seen as lucky, so Lillian needs to remember that could be a good thing. A lot of people also believe in something borrowed, blue, old and new needing to be at the wedding, but others get married just fine without it.

Are you shocked to see that these three couples got married at first sight? Do you think that the marriage between Lillian and Tom will work out? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of Married at First Sight on Sundays on A&E.

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