NFL Rumors: Nick Foles Granted Release From Los Angeles Rams, Signing With New Team

NFL players want a fair chance to get on the football field because that is what they do for a living. According to ESPN, the Los Angeles Rams are releasing Nick Foles. The former starting quarterback knows that he is destined to remain on the sidelines, so he wants to try his chances with another franchise.

Knowing that the NFL is lacking in quality quarterbacks, the Los Angeles Rams made a couple of calls. They wanted to see if another team would be willing to give up assets in a trade for Nick Foles. For all the issues that he has had with the Rams, there might be a team or two out there that would have interest.

Knowing that the Los Angeles Rams were looking to get rid of Nick Foles, NFL executives refused to bite. Rather than giving up assets, they knew that he would become an unrestricted free agent soon. They could simply choose to sign him to a contract instead of giving up what more than likely would have been a draft pick.

In order to receive his release from the Los Angeles Rams, Nick Foles had to make a sacrifice. He made an agreement with management to reduce the amount of guaranteed money owed to him for the upcoming season. By doing that, Foley essentially has bought his freedom to seek a new home in the NFL.

Nick Foles saw the writing on the wall when the Los Angeles Rams traded away assets so that they could own the first overall selection in the NFL Draft. Management was sold on Jared Goff as their new franchise quarterback. When a team goes that far, the incumbent quarterbacks know that their time and opportunity are limited.

With Nick Foles no longer in the picture, Jared Goff seems to have an easier path to becoming the starting quarterback for the Los Angeles Rams. His biggest competition comes from Case Keenum. Rams head coach Jeff Fisher does not appear to be too concerned about job security, so he might take the risk and start Goff immediately.

Los Angeles Rams quarterback Jared Goff
Now that he has been released by the Los Angeles Rams, Nick Foles has naturally been linked to the San Francisco 49ers. For starters, the team is still trying to figure out if Blaine Gabbert or Colin Kaepernick are long term solutions at the position. Foles also did pretty well under new Niners head coach Chip Kelly.

Another team that might be interested in Nick Foles is the New York Jets. The franchise is still struggling to come to terms on a new contract with starting quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, as reported by Fox Sports. Foles might be an upgrade over Geno Smith for the Jets.

There is a connection between New York Jets head coach Todd Bowles and Nick Foles. When the latter was a rookie quarterback with the Philadelphia Eagles, the former served as the secondary coach and interim defensive coordinator. The relationship between the two might give the Jets the edge in acquiring Foles.

New York Jets quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick
With Mark Sanchez seemingly in the lead to become the new starting quarterback, the Denver Broncos might have some interest in signing Nick Foles. Management spent a draft pick on Paxton Lynch, but the former Memphis Tigers star might not be ready to start in the NFL during his rookie season.

Nick Foles might have been written off by NFL fans after struggling to capture the starting quarterback position with the Los Angeles Rams. However, executives and coaches still believe that they can salvage the career of Foles because he still has the same talent that made him an asset for the Philadelphia Eagles.

[Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images]