Save-A-Lot Coupon: Fraudulent $60 Off Coupon Makes Waves On Facebook

Save-A-Lot coupon

Have you run across a Save-A-Lot coupon on Facebook recently? Chances are that you should stay away from it.

As the old adage states, if something is too good to be true, it more than likely is. The Save-a-Lot coupon that offers $60 off of purchases currently circulating on the popular social media platform is definitely a “too good to be true” offer.


As seen in the above image, the Save-a-Lot coupon definitely looks authentic. It has all of the common elements that most frugal shoppers expect to see on the typical coupon. For instance, the company’s official logo is shown on the left side of the fraudulent Facebook coupon. There is even a paragraph of fine print towards the bottom of the coupon and a bar code. The July 31, 2016, expiration date presents a sense of urgency, which would more than likely persuade quite a few consumers to feel the need to share the coupon with as many people as possible before that day approaches.

However, as is the case with most fraudulent coupons and offers, it’s important to pay close attention to the details of the offer. Within the details of this Save-a-Lot coupon, there are several red flags that should essentially say “Buyer Beware.”

First of all, the mathematics behind this particular savings offer should draw a major red flag with most consumers right from the start. There are not many legitimate coupon offers that will allow consumers to save 85% on their entire purchases without any strings attached. Taking $60 off of a minimum purchase of $70 is essentially giving a substantial amount of merchandise away — especially if that “legitimate” offer is posted and shared on the most popular social media platform in the world.

Another red flag is the reason why this coupon was allegedly distributed in the first place. According to the heading of the Save-a-Lot coupon, the company is reportedly using the offer to celebrate its 130th anniversary. Based on the historic timeline of the supermarket chain found on the company’s official website, Save-a-Lot is nowhere near celebrating its 130th anniversary.

“While working for a grocery wholesaler in the mid-’70s, company founder, Bill Moran identified an opportunity for small grocers to compete against emerging mega-stores and created Save-A-Lot’s limited assortment business model. When the first store opened in Cahokia, IL, in 1977, the format was immediately successful.”

Since the first Save-a-Lot location opened in 1977, this means that the company would only be celebrating its 39th anniversary in July 2016 — not its 130th.

The Save-a-Lot $60 Off coupon on Facebook is just one of the many different fraudulent coupons that have made waves on social media in recent months.

In regard to the Save-a-Lot coupon offering $60 off of purchases, the website link posted near the very bottom is another red flag. It sends you to a website that is not affiliated with Save-a-Lot at all that is designed to get your personal information. In order to receive the Save-a-Lot coupon that was allegedly offered, you are also required to share the promotion on your own Facebook page, thereby expanding the reach of the fraudulent coupon offer even further.

If you are interested in legitimate Save-a-Lot coupons and savings opportunities, perhaps the best course of action to take is to trust in websites, social media pages, and other marketing resources created and promoted by the actual company.

[Photo by M. Spencer Green/AP Images]