D.N.C. 'Seat-Fillers' Are Needed, Per Philly Craigslist Job Ad Emerging After Big D.N.C. Walkout

A Democratic National Committee "seat-fillers" advertising has been posted on the Philadelphia Craigslist, according to sightings of it by numerous Twitter users, and it comes just a day after the big D.N.C. convention walkout on Tuesday of delegates and supporters for Bernie Sanders.

The D.N.C. seat-fillers publicity may not be welcome on this third day, if it is legitimate, as there are big name speakers scheduled as the Democrats build rhetoric around the embracing of Hillary Clinton. But, who can be sure in the nasty, chaotic political environment these days?

"Hillary's party"

Craigslist ad for DNC seat-fillers
DNC seat-fillers needed: Former Democratic Presidential candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., walks off the stage on July 25, 2016. [Photo by Carolyn Kaster/AP Images]If the Party, called "Hillary's party" by upset Sanders' delegates who were interviewed by media after the peacefully accomplished D.N.C. walkout, is looking to replace the previously reported 1,800 delegates and supporters who walked out of the coronation ceremonies Tuesday with a quick Craigslist seat-filler posting, well, best of luck, really. Media actually in Philly might want this time to ask new faces in the convention if they were hired by the ad desperately seeking seat-fillers before the world's cameras and video lights are cranked up to record it for posterity.

With the points made over the pay for these actors, however, they may be creating another talking point for those against them. At least one tweet reveals pride for "everyone who walked out of that room" on the second day of the D.N.C. convention after the roll call vote, in fact.

Regarding the Philadelphia Craigslist reactions, some on Twitter may be feeling cautious or even suspicious. However, in light of the WikiLeaks dump discovery mentioned over at Breitbart News, wherein the DNC previously thought to place an ad in Craigslist, disparaging Donald Trump, just about anything seems possible this year.Apparently, there is an actual place where people might register themselves for jobs such as "seat-fillers," and it is provided by the website Seatfillers, which also has put up a page for curious readers with many questions. Never having used them, there is nothing more to tell. They do require "a resume, photo (does not have to be professional) and a cover letter telling us why you want to be a seat-filler," however.

"Monetizing" the public service gig

Too many issues are boiling up in the swirling waters surrounding the Democrat's nominee, however. These are things not fully understood by the voting public which is overwhelming, to say the least, for many. Suffice it to say that as people look to understand the issues with that entire "Clinton Cash" shakedowns thing mentioned previously here at the Inquisitr, or the next dumping online of D.N.C. emails by the whistle-blowing organization WikiLeaks, the anger may not translate into votes for Hillary Clinton.

DNC seat-fillers needed 2016 for HRC coronation
Craigslist ad for seat-fillers: Democratic presidential candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks at the 117th National Convention of Veterans of Foreign Wars on July 25, 2016 [Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]The D.N.C. seat-fillers gig might be an interesting idea, though. Imagine if the Sanders' delegates who left the "Hillary party" in the arena of heartbreak today would return to tow the line and then expect to be paid for doing what they signed on to do as devoted Sanders' delegates in the very first place. A disgusting idea, isn't it? Well, imagine now that some might do that if they had locked away their morals because of politics and money and being "dead broke."

What a shame that the system, which Senator Bernie Sanders has been slamming rival Hillary Clinton with all year, really does seem to be a "rigged system." How glorious that so many passionate Americans will not be joined at the wretched hip to such an ugly circus.

Enjoy the party, gang.

[Photo by Brennan Linsley/AP Images]