Photo Of Method Man’s Wife Surfaces Online, Prompting Rapper To Quit Social Media Entirely

Photo Of Method Man's Wife Surfaces Online, Prompting Rapper To Quit Social Media Entirely

A photo of Method Man’s wife has appeared online, prompting the notoriously private rapper to quit social media entirely.

The rapper-turned-actor has been very protective of his wife and children, keeping them away from the media spotlight even as he turned his place in Wu-Tang Clan into a successful career in Hollywood. So when a website called Farrah Gray posted a picture of Method Man’s wife, a cancer survivor, the rapper issued a public plea for them to take it down.

“I’ll ask again could u Please take it down, if u [have] any decency in u. Please!,” he pleaded on Twitter.

The website was not immediately responsive to his plea, keeping the picture of Method Man’s wife up along with the story. That led Method Man to retreat from his online presence.

“I guess follows n likes are more important than tastefulness and decency…Smh.” he wrote via Radio. “I’m done with it maybe the ppl can get at em and help him understand. if not meh!”

Method Man grew even more impatient as the photo of his wife remained up, and he announced to the world that he would be done with social media indefinitely.

“I’m done with social media until further notice. I’ve lost faith in human decency and will not feed trolls any longer. F— u all. 1,” he wrote.

The picture of Method Man’s wife has since been deleted, and the link to the story now directs to an empty page. But the photo has since been picked up by some other celebrity blogs, where they remain online.

Method Man has been known to go to bat for his wife in the past. A Rolling Stone report from 2006 noted his wife’s cancer battle and how Method Man battled with a popular radio host who appeared to mock her.

“On an even more serious note, his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. She beat it into remission — but now Meth is feuding with Wendy Williams after the New York radio personality made light of his wife’s illness on the air. The rapper showed up at the station earlier this month to counter — only to discover that Williams would not have him on her show. “My wife is one of the strongest people on the planet,” says Meth. “I just want to make Wendy Williams aware of exactly what it felt like to be sitting in that hospital room, watching them pump this poison into the one you love.”

While he is fiercely protective of his family, Method Man himself is no stranger to the spotlight. After becoming one of the most famous members of Wu-Tang Clan, he turned to acting while also becoming something of a social activist.

Back in 2015, the rapper discussed the shooting of two police officers during a protest rally in Ferguson, Missouri, in the wake of the shooting of Michael Brown. The rapper noted that he had a friend who was killed by what he said was an act of police brutality, with the friend dying by asphyxiation just like Staten Island man Eric Garner.

Method Man noted that the Department of Justice report that exposed the rampant abuses by the Ferguson police department was a glimpse into what life is like for people in the inner city.

“I hate to say that that [DOJ] report kind of played into this, and these things shouldn’t be happening, but you reap what you sow in a sense,” he said via the Washington Times. “If that [DOJ] report would have never came out and the scandal and how they are basically giving — paying the city by giving people tickets and things like that. That is incredibly insane, but I know we knew this already. This is common knowledge in the ghetto.”

But Method Man still doesn’t have much to say after the photo of his wife surfaced online. He is still in radio silence on his Twitter page.

[Photo by Frank Micelotta/Invision for FOX/AP Images]