December 15, 2017
WWE News: Cruiserweight Superstar To Miss Five Months After Surgery

An injury will keep one member of the WWE Cruiserweight division sidelined for up to five months. The latest reports are that Cruiserweight star Noam Dar from the 205 Live show and occasional Monday night Raw matches, is expected to be out of action for quite a while. He had previously been involved in a long-running storyline with Alicia Fox and most recently in a match to contend for the Cruiserweight title top contender spot. Here are the latest details on why Noam Dar is going to be out and his recovery timetable as far as returning to the ring.

On Friday, a report from website gave the latest about Dar's condition post-surgery. Dar underwent surgery yesterday in Orlando, Florida for a tear in his left knee. The 205 Live and Cruiserweight division star suffered an injury in the knee during his Fatal 4-Way match back on an episode of Raw on November 27. Dar had further issues with his leg over the weekend which ended up requiring him to get an MRI. That led to the recent surgery which Dar said was for a tear in his left meniscus. He added that it's a common injury that athletes have had which is also referred to as a "bucket handle tear."

Noam Dar injury and surgery update from WWE
Cruiserweight star Noam Dar is expected to be out of action up to five months after recent surgery.

After his surgery, Dar spoke about the timetable for his possible return to the ring.

"We don't have any confirmed time frame just yet because I obviously need to see the post-op, but it's more than likely going to be around the five-month mark. That would be with me working extensively at the [WWE] Performance Center, so that will make a huge difference. Staying on top of everything so we can hopefully take that time down a little bit."
Dar added in his comments to WWE after surgery that he's talked with several of his fellow roster members from 205 Live. Among those that spoke with him were members of the "Zo Train" aka Enzo Amore's entourage consisting of Ariya Daivari, Tony Nese, and Drew Gulak. Dar said of those individuals, Gulak invited him to go out and see the new Star Wars: The Last Jedi film but Dar said he was too immobile at the moment to go out and about. Dar also said that Daivari has lost his "rooming buddy" for about five months as he recovers from the surgery.
The Cruiserweight division has certainly had its share of "issues" ever since WrestleMania 33 this past April. First, there was the departure of Austin Aries, who had been a bright spot for the division. Then, after Neville had been a longtime Cruiserweight champion who excelled in his role as the "King of the Cruiserweights," he seemed to be displeased with his treatment by the company and has not been seen on WWE programming ever since. There's also been the recent suspension of Rich Swann following his criminal charges.

Former Raw roster star Enzo Amore has been given the title most recently, to mixed reviews. Now fans will hope for a quicker than necessary recovery for Noam Dar so that he can get back to doing his best work in the ring. It won't be surprising if WWE tries to bring in some other talent at this point to make up for the open spots.