Hillary Clinton Vs. Donald Trump Polls: With Trump In The Lead, This Could Be His Election To Lose

The Republican nominee for President of the United States, Donald Trump, continues to gain support among voters who refuse to vote for the Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll that was released last night by Reuters. The poll, which was conducted from July 22-26 and included 962 likely voters, had a margin of error of four percentage points. It was conducted after the Republican National Convention, so it remains to be seen if it is just a temporary boost. Regardless, this is the first time that Trump has been ahead of Clinton since May, and it appears as though potential voters now view him as a real possibility to become the next President of the United States.

As Reuters notes, Trump is now in the lead by two percentage points.

“The July 22-26 poll found that 39 percent of likely voters supported Trump, 37 percent supported Clinton and 24 percent would vote for neither. The poll had a credibility interval of 4 percentage points, meaning that the two candidates should be considered about even in support. Clinton held a three-point lead on Friday, which was also within the credibility interval. Clinton has solidly led Trump in the poll throughout most of the 2016 presidential race. The only times that Trump has matched her level of support were when the Republican Party appeared to be roughly aligned with his campaign.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Clinton led Trump by three percentage points in the Reuters/Ipsos poll that was taken from July 18-22, which was in the middle of the Republican National Convention. In each instance, the margin of error was four percentage points. This means that while Clinton was ahead in the previous poll, and Trump is ahead in the current poll, they should still be considered even due to the margin of error being greater than one candidate’s lead over the other. Regardless, Trump has overcome what was once a double-digit lead by Clinton last month.

While it was to be expected that Trump would gain support after speaking at the Republican National Convention, few believed that he would actually lead in the Reuters/Ipsos poll, which has been shown to strongly favor Clinton. The remaining two days of the Democratic National Convention are likely going to have a tremendous effect on upcoming polls. Clinton is not scheduled to speak until tomorrow night, but President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, and vice presidential hopeful, Senator Tim Kaine, will all be speaking tonight.

The first few days at the Democratic National Convention have seen a few controversial speakers. Bernie Sanders, who many people believe was wronged by the DNC, endorsed Clinton on Monday Night. While Sanders is attempting to unify the Democratic Party, many of his supporters are unhappy that he is “selling out” his beliefs. This has created further division between the Democratic Party, and Sanders supporters have protested the DNC.

As the Washington Examiner notes, Astrid Silva, a 28-year-old illegal immigrant originally from Mexico, also spoke at the Democratic convention. While she has accomplished a lot during her time in the United States, she is still in the country illegally. In addition to Trump supporters, many undecided voters are weary of the idea of allowing illegal immigrants to speak at such an important event.

Trump’s plan is to build a wall and deport most of the illegal immigrants that are currently in the United States. As the Inquisitr reported, Clinton and Kaine are hoping to pass a bill that legalizes illegal immigrants, and it would happen within their first “100 days of office.” Trump has stated that he wants to allow the “good ones” to return to the United States legally.

As Fox News reports, many people were not happy with the fact that the families of police officers recently murdered in Dallas and Baton Rouge were not asked to speak. Instead, the mother of Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin, and Sandra Bland spoke. While everyone can sympathize with how hard it is for a mother to lose a child, these specific cases have been controversial.

The United States Department of Justice concluded that Darren Wilson shot Brown in self-defense. Martin was not killed by a police officer. Bland, while her arrest may have been controversial, was ruled to have committed suicide.

Kevin Jackson told Fox News that it was a “slap in the face” to law enforcement.

“To have that lady come speak when her son was a criminal who tried to kill a police officer is a travesty. It is a slap in the face to law enforcement and there is no other way to talk about that.”

The next Reuters/Ipsos poll, which is probably being conducted at this time, should be released in a few days. It will be interesting to see if Hillary Clinton receives the same bump from the Democratic National Convention that Donald Trump received from the Republican National Convention.

[Photo by Sara D. Davis/Getty Images]