Two ‘Real Housewives Of Potomac’ Husbands Fired From Their Basketball Coaching Jobs

Perhaps it’s just a big coincidence, but since the Real Housewives of Potomac launched last year, both husbands employed as college basketball coaches, Eddie Jordan, as head coach with Rutgers and Juan Dixon, as a special assistant at University of Maryland, have been let go from their positions. Jordan, husband of Charrisse Jordan, was officially fired from his Rutgers position, but according to Mark Turgeon, head coach of the University of Maryland, Juan Dixon, live-in ex husband of Robyn Dixon, and Maryland parted ways. The unconventional marital relationships of Dixon and Jordan were storylines on last season’s Real Housewives of Potomac, and will likely continue to be covered in the coming season of RHOP on Bravo.

According to the Inquisitr, the ladies of the Real Housewives of Potomac were warned by the Real Housewives of DC that they were in for a bumpy ride, and their personal lives would be turned inside out by the show. After the end of RHODC, several marriages and relationships were left in tatters, and things they considered personal family business were made very public. That after the first season of RHOP marriages, engagements, and careers are already in the toilet does not bode well for Season 2.

The Asbury Park Press reported that Eddie Jordan, husband of RHOP Charrisse Jordan, was fired as the head coach of Rutgers University’s men’s basketball program after what they called a “painful tenure.” Just three years into his contract, Rutgers believed it was best to let Jordan go. Admittedly, Jordan walked into a losing situation at Rutgers, and for a variety of reasons, could not get the program back on track, finishing this past season with a record of 7-25 overall, and 1-17 in the Big Ten.

Though Jordan did his best to restock the Rutgers team, injuries and discipline problems continued to plague the Rutgers program, and Jordan could not overcome the deficit, even with his NBA coaching experience. Further complicating Eddie Jordan’s time at Rutgers was the revelation after he took the job, as an alleged Rutgers alumni, that he never actually finished his own undergrad degree at Rutgers or anywhere. Before his final season as the coach of Rutgers University, Eddie Jordan was finally able to finish his Bachelor’s degree.

At this time, Eddie Jordan does not have a job in college or professional basketball.

Though Juan Dixon played his college ball and served as a special assistant for the University of Maryland, his time at the school has come to an end according to the Baltimore Sun. Juan Dixon and his estranged wife Robyn Dixon both attended the University of Maryland, and have had their unconventional relationship featured on RHOP.

There seems to be no ill will between Maryland head coach Mark Turgeon and Dixon, and insiders are suggesting that dismissing Dixon from the position had little to do with Dixon and more to do with the NCAA constraints on his title “special assistant,” which limited his ability to share his expertise. Turgeon wishes Dixon well in the future.

“In my discussions with Juan, he has always expressed his desire to become a coach at the Division I or professional level. While there is not an opening on the staff currently, I know Juan will be a highly successful coach once given the opportunity.”

It’s possible that his termination from the special assistant position with the University of Maryland will be the best thing in the long run for Juan Dixon, as he really desired a coaching position in Division I college basketball.

“I am looking forward to growing in the business, and to live out my purpose and my passion. I am here to help young men develop on and off the court and prepare them for this thing called life.”

Dixon took the position with the University of Maryland, likely with the hope that an actual assistant coach position would open up with the Terps during the time that he was in-house. That did not happen, and the frustration of being a special assistant obviously was wearing on him.

“I really appreciate the opportunity that Coach Turgeon gave me to get into the business. The situation was to the point where I really couldn’t grow any more as a coach [at Maryland]. I have a lot of wisdom and knowledge to give to the players to help their growth on and off the court, and there just wasn’t an opportunity at Maryland to perform that role at a high level.”

Sources for both sides of the Dixon situation believe that the door was left open for Juan Dixon to be considered if an assistant coaching position would open for the University of Maryland Terrapins.

Do you think that the RHOP had anything to do with Eddie Jordan losing his job at Rutgers?

[Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images]