‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Paul Calls Frank A Bully, Paulie Plans To Flip The ‘BB18’ House, And Anxiety Increases About The Round-Trip Twist [Spoilers]

It’s been wild inside the Big Brother 18 house over the past few days. Frank Edy and Bridgette Dunning are on the block, and they both are fighting tooth and nail to stick around another week. Paul Abrahamian takes aim at Frank and labels him as a bully. Paulie Calafiore tries to flip the vote and reassures Frank that he is doing everything he can to see him around another week. The house is on edge after they unlocked the secret room and discovered a new game twist that could create chaos in the BB18 house.

Online Big Brother reports that Paul decided to try to pull Bridgette away from Frank. He did his best to throw him under the bus, and it appeared to work. He explained that Frank is a bully and no one likes him. He went on to say he is the only one “man enough to stand up to him.”

Big Brother 18 spoilers revealed that Paul claimed that Frank told “everyone” in the house that Bridgette said she wanted to go home, implying that they should vote her out over him. Of course, Frank later tells her that is not true, and he would never campaign against her.


Big Brother 18 spoilers tease that Paulie is doing everything he can to keep Frank in the game. Paulie tells Frank that the best-case scenario is that whoever leaves the house will be able to immediately come back into the house. Apparently, they opened the secret door that unlocked a new twist in the game. Big Brother 18 spoilers indicated that inside the room, each houseguest picked a ticket. The ticket will be read on eviction night with the host, Julie Chen, and is void if opened beforehand.


If the ticket reads they have a round-trip ticket into the house, the evicted houseguest will re-enter the house. If it reads one-way trip, they will be sent home. Paulie hopes that Frank or Bridgette has the round-trip ticket, and they both will be safe for another week. As reported by Inquisitr, Big Brother 18 viewers speculated that production would find a way to keep Frank another week, because he knows how to dial up the drama and keep the house in turmoil.

Big Brother Network reports that the houseguests are panicking as they worry that Frank picked the round trip ticket, which would keep him safe for another week. Nicole Franzel revealed on the Big Brother live feeds that she would self-evict if Frank stays another week. She said the only thing keeping her from “losing her mind” is Frank leaving the house within 24 hours. Nicole also added that she was scared of the backlash from Frank if he stayed another week.

Big Brother 18 spoilers indicate that Da’Vonne Rogers has worked hard to take the target off her back. Last night (July 26), she ever so carefully asked if anyone was considering keeping Frank another week. The answer was clear: Frank will walk out the door, and everyone was secretly praying that he isn’t holding the round-trip ticket.

Nicole decides the best plan for her is to avoid Frank like the plague until the live show. Big Brother 18 spoilers tease that Nicole believes this will be the only way to ensure he doesn’t get in her head and try to convince her to keep him.


Da’Vonne reveals that once Frank is out of the house, she will be gunning for Nicole as the next big target. Big Brother 18 spoilers reveal that Da’Vonne feels Nicole is “shady” and cannot be trusted. So far in the game, Da’Vonne hasn’t been able to win a competition, so her plan to target Nicole is just another case of Mama Day talking to keep the target off her back.

There is still 24 hours before Big Brother’s next live eviction vote and plenty of time to flip the BB18 house once again. Stick with the Inquisitr for more Big Brother 18 spoilers, news, and live feed updates.

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