Kentucky Teen No Longer ‘LOL’ After Facebook Post Lands Her Behind Bars

A Kentucky teenager was sentenced to jail time after joking about a Driving While Intoxicated (DUI) hit-and-run accident on her Facebook page. Paula Asher, 18, was found in contempt of court and locked up behind bars for two days after displeasing the judge with her online posting. Parents of the teenagers in the car hit by an allegedly drunken Asher, saw the Facebook musings and informed the court, according to LEX18 News.

The teenager accused of drinking and driving and causing a hit-and-run accident had this to say on the social networking website:

“My dumba** got a DUI and hit a car LOL.”

After hearing about the online comments regarding the case, Woodford District Judge Mary Jane Phelps ordered Asher to close her Facebook account. When the young woman chose not to comply with the order, she was charged with contempt and sent far away from a Wi-Fi hot spot for two days.

The young woman had this to say about the ordeal:

“I really wasn’t trying to make fun of the crash. I had to put my time in. I did and they said I’m not allowed to have Facebook. I apologize to everybody, I apologize to the judge. I didn’t mean to hurt anybody. I didn’t think ‘lol’ would put me in jail.”

Police officers maintain she T-boned another car while operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol. In addition to the driving while intoxicated charges, the Kentucky teenager was also allegedly in possession of a controlled substance. She is scheduled to appear in court again on September 27, NBC News notes.