Ferrari Wants To Bring Brawn Back To Formula One While Ferrari Technical Chief May Exit

Ferrari continues to struggle in Formula One racing as they considered bringing back Ross Brawn to the track after suffering multiple losses on the track. As Ferrari continues to struggle, the technical chief James Allison is considering leaving after suffering the devastating loss of his wife in March to meningitis.

Formula Spy reported that Ferrari wants to bring Ross Brawn back to Formula One racing after an underwhelming first half of racing in 2016. Brawn stepped down in 2013 as the team principal of Mercedes and distanced himself from racing. Famous for his role during Ferrari’s halcyon period, Brawn worked with Jean Todt, Rory Byrne, and Michael Schumacher and helped the Ferrari team achieve five consecutive drivers and constructors championships.

Ross Brawn cited his 24/7 involvement as being a factor in not wanting to return to racing.

“My nature when I was involved was 24/7 and I’m not sure I want a 24/7 anymore. Never say never about any of those sort of things, but I’m quite content doing what I’m doing and nothing has come along that I would be motivated and interested in.”

Planet F1 reported that the Ferrari technical chief may exit after the loss of his wife in March from meningitis. James Allison is set to leave racing based on reports from the Italian press. He joined Ferrari in 2013 and has been commuting to Scuderia’s headquarters in Italy from England, where he lived with his wife and three children. Although rumors have persisted that Ross Brawn may return to replace Allison, chief designer Simone Resta may be tasked with replacing Allison or Ferrari may try and sign Toro Rosso’s James Key. Ferrari denies that Allison is seeking to leave.

Motorsport reported that Ross Brawn ruled out returning to Ferrari. The carmaker wanted to bring Brawn back in an advisory role, but Brawn has made it clear he doesn’t want to return to racing. Senior management at Ferrari considered having Brawn return to become a technical adviser for Sergio Marchionne, the president of Ferrari. Although the company offered major concessions, including Brawn not having to travel to races and tailoring Brawn’s schedule around his personal circumstances, Brawn rejected the offer.

No word has been given by Ferrari on how the dilemma will be solved as Marchionne must now formulate a Plan B for bringing back the former glory to Ferrari F1 racing. Further speculation revolves around James Allison as he had a two-year contract with Ferrari, and he now wants to return to England to be with his children. Unless Allison remains, one of the key issues that Ferrari faces is who will oversee future programs.

Sports Smoke reported that Ross Brawn said that Ferrari needed to take a quiet approach during the current crisis. Although Ferrari’s Maranello team hasn’t won a driver’s title since 2007, Brawn said that Ferrari should stick with Allison.

“They’ve got some very good people there. James Allison is excellent and if they give him the resources and give him the time, and put the infrastructure around him and great drivers, then they’ll achieve success. But they mustn’t overreact and they mustn’t be reactive to what the media is saying.”

Brawn said that Ferrari should consider proper planning instead of a reactive approach to getting back on top in F1. Ferrari is currently trailing Mercedes by 131 points, and the company hasn’t said what future action it plans to take to take Ferrari back to its former glory in racing.

[Photo by Dan Istitene/Getty Images]