TomTom launches iPhone app that’s costlier than some GPS units

As consumer confidence tanks and retail spending continues to plummet, TomTom’s much anticipated iPhone app has hit the app store- priced at a questionable $100.

It’s got turn-by-turn audible directions, local points of interest and 3D GPS navigation, but there are several whole entire GPS units by TomTom on sale for less than the cost of the app. (If you can deal with refurbished electronics. Personally, I ain’t no snob.) Don’t close your purse or wallet yet- TomTom plans to extract another 90 clams from consumers for a “car kit.”

If you’re willing to throw down even more cash on TomTom, there’s an optional car kit equipped with a mounted antenna for better GPS performance. The car mount includes a built-in speaker, an audio output jack and a microphone for use with the iPhone as a Bluetooth speakerphone. Pricing has not yet been announced for this accessory, but earlier rumor reports suggest it should cost somewhere around $90.

While I’m all for condensing the amount of gadgetry that orbits us like space clutter on a daily basis (and thanks to the iPhone’s lame battery life, my work bag is a tangle of cords, too)- $99 for an app? Really? A GPS lives mainly in your car and won’t add much clutter to your life, and as an iPhone user can tell you, these things are narcoleptic. I’ve yet to encounter a program that keeps the thing awake, and I’d be really annoyed if my GPS needed to be woken up every 60 seconds.

I’m very interested in seeing further reviews- I can’t see anyone spending as much on an app like this when they can get the same dedicated functionality on a standalone unit. Has anyone ever replaced their regular digital camera with their cellphone camera? Video of the app in action, below.

[Image: Wired via TomTom]