Kristen Stewart: Saved By Small Independent Films

Kristen Stewart isn’t a stranger to the pandemonium surrounding her Twilight franchise. The last few weeks have been rather hectic for Stewart as she was embroiled in a heavy scandal after photos were released of her in risque positions with her Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders.

However, it’s said that for the most part Kristen remains unaffected by the madness and instead relies on the smaller, more independent films to center her during trying times. Coming off of a great run at the Toronto Film Festival while supporting her film On The Road, Stewart personally stated that her “smaller films” saved her from becoming “mad.”

Opening up about what could have happened if she just focused on the chaos surrounding Twilight, Stewart said to Germany’s Glamour magazine:

“I lived in the ‘Twilight’ world for about four years – that’s a very long time that demands a lot of patience on your part. Thank God, I had the opportunity to do smaller movies like ‘The Runaways’, ‘Welcome to the Rileys’, and ‘On the Road’ in between. Otherwise I’d probably have turned mad. “You can’t let this whole circus irritate you. I will always have good memories about ‘Twilight’, and I had no clue what would happen when the first movie came into the theaters.”

Of course while in the maddening frenzy of Twilight, for most of its run Stewart had boyfriend Robert Pattinson by her side to help endure the chaotic time. Several sources have reported that the couple have reconciled after Stewart was caught cheating on him and issued a public apology to Robert that was said to have left him “mortified.”

Do you think Kristen Stewart will be in any more blockbusters after the last installment of Twilight is released? Or will she become an independent darling?