Who Is Shanavia Miller? This Mom Went Viral For Beating Her Daughter Live On Social Media

Who is Shanavia Miller? She is the mom who recently beat her teenage daughter, Nia Green, on live stream media, in front of 4,000 witnesses, among them Nia’s own friends. The video has gone viral, making Shanavia Miller an internet sensation, further punishing her already humiliated daughter.

What would lead a mother to abuse her child at all, let alone on the girl’s personal social media page? Apparently, Nia posted a photo of herself and her boyfriend on Facebook. In the photo, Green was wearing nothing but a towel. When word got back to her mother, Shanavia Miller flipped out. Grabbing her daughter’s smart phone, she logged in to Green’s Facebook page, opening a live video feed before attacking Nia, smacking and punching her in the face, head, arms, and stomach. The poor girl kept her hands up in a defensive position and tried to get away from the irate Miller.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Shanavia Miller used a piece of plywood, along with her hands, to pummel Nia. Children have been removed from homes for far less, but so far, although the story has gone viral, there is no evidence that Shanavia will be charged for her harsh treatment of Nia Green.

According to the Associated Press, however, Savannah police officers have spoken with Nia Green, who says she does not feel unsafe in her home. While no charges have been filed against Shanavia Miller, the police did turn the case over to the Georgia child welfare department.

Some people believe that Nia got what she deserved. Others think Shanavia Miller should be jailed for child abuse. The following are just a few comments from Twitter.

Here are those who are opposed to the harsh punishment dealt out by Shanavia Miller:

Those who agree with the beating Shanavia Miller doled out the following.

From the mother Shanavia Miller posting from her daughter’s page #ShanaviaMiller #NiaGreen #FaceBook #FaceBookLive pic.twitter.com/IpIMvTMCFP

— Jay (@TresDeuceDeuce) July 25, 2016

The following video shows the entire encounter of Miller’s idea of punishment. Be aware before viewing that violent physical abuse and harsh language continue throughout the feed. It is difficult to watch.

Shanavia Miller’s daughter reportedly attempted to commit suicide after the humiliating and assuredly painful encounter, but those reports have not been confirmed. Though Miller took over the teen girl’s Facebook account, a post claiming to be from Green denies that the rumors of suicide are true.

“I did not try to comitt suicide, the other facebook page is fake this is my only page. I did not fall out. I will no longer talk to anyone please dont text or call me.”

What do you think of the violent way Shanavia Miller punished her 16-year-old daughter for having sex with her boyfriend? Do you agree with those who think Miller went way too far, or do you think her daughter had it coming?

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