Brooks Ayers Says He And Vicki Gunvalson Have Both Moved On

Karen de Wilde

On the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Vicki Gunvalson, after getting into a very heated argument with Shannon Beador's husband, David Beador, tearfully called someone during the car ride home. Likely to the surprise of many viewers, Vicki didn't call a good girlfriend but her ex-boyfriend Brooks Ayers.

Did Vicki call Brooks in the hopes of getting back with him? According to Vicki, no. After the episode aired on Tuesday night, Vicki received some criticism from viewers for calling Brooks. One viewer tweeted to Vicki that it's sad that she's still calling Brooks. Vicki responded that she called Brooks to "fix the mess."

"I wish her nothing but the best but our time has gone. I'm very happy with my life and have moved on."
"We both have moved on. I haven't seen her in a year. It's time for everyone else to move on too!????"

Vicki's comment set David off. He lashed out at Vicki for still not admitting that she knowingly lied about Brooks having cancer. David hurled expletives and ugly names at Vicki.

"Vicki f**k you. You need to shut your f*****g mouth. You shut your mouth. You lied about cancer. You still haven't f*****g fessed up. You need to shut your f*****g mouth. You understand me? You need to shut your f*****g mouth. You f*****g, as soon as you admit to lying, then you're scot-free."

"I'm calling Brooks. Brooks put me in the goddamn situation, I'm calling him."
"Brooks it's Vicki. David Beador says I'm a pig and I lied about you, that you didn't have cancer. You need to call David Beador because this is filthy and disgusting that I have to deal with this. Like I didn't do anything. I believed you and I loved you and that was that. So now here we are, nine months later, I still got to deal with this so call me back."

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