Andrew McCarthy Out With New Book On Travel And Fear Of Commitment, ‘The Longest Way Home’

Andrew McCarthy is probably best known to 80s kids as the hunk in Brat Pack films like Pretty In Pink, alongside stars Jon Cryer and Molly Ringwald — but a teen no more, McCarthy is now a grown man with a career that involves traveling and authoring.

Andrew McCarthy’s new book, The Longest Way Home, details a coming-of-age of a different sort — while his turn in many of the 80s classics for which he is best known were all prom-centric, teen dramas, McCarthy tackles a different sort of maturity-reaching in his book.

In it, the actor turned director discusses a lot of the struggles he faced in balancing his need for adventure with settling down — and in fact, the travel journalist and editor-at-large for National Geographic Traveler subtitled his book “One Man’s Quest For The Courage To Settle Down.”

Of the impetus to write The Longest Way Home: One Man’s Quest For The Courage To Settle Down, Andrew McCarthy describes his initial fears and impulses when he made the decision to marry now-wife Delores Rice. He explains:

“We just decided to get married, and we were feeling all lovey-dovey, the way people feel when they make those kinds of decisions. I was really sad to be going, but I was thrilled to be leaving … That’s the kernel of me, and the problem that needed to be solved before I was going to get married.”

Andrew McCarthy’s new book hits stores like Amazon and Barnes and Noble today, in both hardcover and in ebook format.