T.I. & Tiny's Daughter Zonnique Pullins Disowned By Biological Dad After A Nasty Fight With Her Stepmom

Shaunee Flowers

A public feud between Zonnique Pullins' mom Tameka "Tiny" Harris and her stepmother Cheryl went completely out of control recently. Zonnique jumped into the argument in defense of her mom and blasted her stepmom for her comments. It didn't take long for the up-and-coming star's biological father to hear about the heated social media spat and Zonnique's insults aimed at Cheryl, and rumor has it that he's siding with the stepmom and disowning his own daughter.

It all started when Cheryl decided to put T.I. on blast and criticize the rapper for claiming Zonnique as his own daughter. Apparently, Zonnique's stepmom was upset that T.I. was taking credit for raising her and claimed that the rapper and his reality star wife were mostly fronting about what great parents they are. In the Instagram battle between Zebo Pullins ex and his current wife, Cheryl claimed to have receipts proving that T.I. wasn't actually caring for his stepdaughter but was quick to take all the credit. Most of the exchange was captured by Fameolous before Cheryl ultimately deleted her Instagram account.

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The argument evolved into which woman was uglier, with Cheryl making jokes about Tiny's fake lashes and the condition of her skin. Tiny fired back, pointing out that Cheryl's "natural beauty" wouldn't stop her from stealing back her ex if that was what she wanted to do and then threw a jab in there about Cheryl's feet.

As the insults and the drama got more intense, Cheryl claimed in one lengthy message that T.I. had recently been busted with a prostitute. As Sandra Rose reported, earlier this month Tiny was rumored to have confronted T.I. and an unnamed prostitute when she caught them together in an Atlanta hotel. Despite the stunning allegations, the Harris family went ahead with their vacation plans because Tiny allegedly didn't want to hurt her children. To make matters even more surprising, in her social media fight with Cheryl Pullins, Tiny didn't even deny the allegations and instead said that issue was between T.I. and God.

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Zonnique's biological dad Zebo Pullins stayed out of the Instagram argument but reportedly did respond. According to Ask Kissy, Zebo has completely disowned Zonnique after catching up on the nasty feud and the things that his own daughter said about him and his new wife.

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