Tisha UnArmed Details Challenges Of Life For Woman With No Arms [Video]

Tisha UnArmed is a YouTube channel with a simple but powerful concept — show the struggles of everyday life for a woman born without arms.

Tisha, the channel’s namesake, details for viewers the lengths she does to do normal things like dressing, making a peanut better and jelly sandwich, and even driving, The Huffington Post notes. But throughout all the difficulties, Tisha maintains a sense of upbeat optimism, one that she conveys to the many fans who reach out to her.

She starts her videos with the preface:

“Hi everyone, this is Tisha UnArmed, and I’m here to answer all of your questions about not having arms. As you can see, I don’t have any arms.”

She also adds some humor in, The Huffington Post notes.

“Today, we are going to be getting dressed… and you thought I was going to be naked,” she jokes.

Then, using her feet along with a makeshift device she put on a bra, shorts, and a shirt — adding some more humor.

“If you find that you put your shirt on backwards, don’t worry. Because of a lack of arms, you can always turn it around,” she says toward the end.

Though her “getting dressed” vlog was only uploaded Monday, it already has more than 88,000 views.

Tisha UnArmed also highlights other difficulties the young woman faces, the Daily Mail noted. Tisha also has a right leg that is considerably shorter than her left one, and her left heel is curved outward. Despite this she is still able to walk her dog and use her feet for just about everything else she needs to do.

Tisha explains to viewers that she was born with her disabilities, with little holes where her arms are supposed to be. As an infant, doctors told Tisha’s mother she she would need to amputate her right leg.

Her mother refused, Tisha noted.

“My mum was like: ”What are you kidding me, she has no arms and you want to cut her right leg off? That’s not right, she’s only going to have one limb.”

You can check out one of the installations of Tisha UnArmed here: