Jon Cryer Recovering After Bike Crash, Says He Was Really Scared Injury Was Serious

Jon Cryer, the Two And A Half Men star many of us remember best from his 80s showings in flicks like Pretty In Pink, is recovering after a cycling dust-up — but the former Brat Pack actor says that he was pretty worried for a bit that his injuries were way worse.

Jon Cryer was engaged in the cycling portion of California’s Nautica Malibu Triathlon, an event that encompasses a lengthy swim in the ocean, a four-mile run, and an eighteen-mile cycling route. But Cryer only managed to hit two of three when injury struck on the cycling leg of the triathlon in Malibu.

Cryer actually thought he was going to the big Molly Ringwald movie in the sky after his wipeout, and he dishes to TMZ about his worries following the crash. Jon explains to TMZ that he has some fancy equipment, but he might stick with his day job:

“I have an awesome bike … it’s what the pros use. Unfortunately I am not a pro cyclist … I decided to get super-aggressive as I was going down hill and I got to the bottom … going as fast I could possibly go, the wheel starts wobbling I over-corrected (it) and absolutely just ate it. I did the wobbling back skid where the bike just flies out from underneath you …”

Jon Cryer - Two and A Half Men

Cryer continues:

“I skidded probably like 15 feet on my skin … You know how cyclists wear the leotard that offers zero protection? I used that to break my fall … My helmet took the brunt of it thankfully. I could feel the helmet cracking as my head went back … I could feel the helmet giving way. I was like, I really don’t want to buy it.”

The actor explains that while he worried for a sec the crash could be goodbye, he managed to pull through with some skin injuries. Have you, like Jon Cryer, ever suffered a brush with death?