Son Kills Father With Sword In Motel

A 22-year-old man has confessed to killing his father with a sword in a motel room in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, the Post and Courier reports. Elias James Walker stabbed his father, 45-year-old Anthony Charles Walker, to death in his sleep early Monday morning.

Police officers found Walker at the Fort Moultrie Motel around 1:30 am with blood on his socks and shirt. He told them he left to buy beer and that someone must have attacked his father while he was gone. He found him suffering from stab wounds to the chest and neck and called police, but his father was pronounced dead at Medical University Hospital. The 22-year-old said his father had several enemies at the motel, and that everyone hated him.

Officers said Walker had an “unusually calm demeanor considering how severe his father was injured.” He later confessed to the murder, but refused to call any family members. Police found a small pocket knife and cell phone on Walker during a patdown, but the sword was not recovered.

Walker had three misdemeanor arrests on his record, and his most recent arrests were for disorderly conduct. Police have said he has also shown violent tendencies. His father also had a history of arrests, going back to the 1980s. At the time of his death, Anthony Walker was on probation for illegally carrying a weapon.

Greg Clark, who owns a pet supply store near the motel, said the place doesn’t get much business and that he “would welcome someone else.” The family who owns the motel leases the land on a month-to-month basis and Edward Robinson, a realtor, said they could continue to run the business until it gets sold. Robinson said there are two hotel developers interested in the land.

Elias Walker was charged with murder and denied bail during a court hearing Monday.