‘The Bachelorette’ 2016 Spoilers — Chad Johnson Has Choice Words For JoJo And Huge News To Tell On The ‘Men Tell All’ Special

How much Chad is too much Chad? Some have asked that very same question throughout this entire season of The Bachelorette, and there are those who don’t believe enough is never enough. Chad Johnson made life very interesting for JoJo Fletcher and the group of guys when he was still in the running, but things are going to be taken to a different level tonight on the “Men Tell All” special.

Please let it be known that there are possible spoilers ahead for the current season of The Bachelorette. If you don’t want to know them, stop reading now.

It is already known that Chad is going to be one of the four guys that has a seat in the “Hot Seat” and talks to Chris Harrison, but how much is he going to spill? Sure, he may not have a whole lot to say about his time on the show or even time spent with JoJo, but he has plenty of opinions on numerous other things.

The villain from this season of The Bachelorette has not kept quiet since being sent home from the show, and he’s done plenty in his spare time. Obviously, he never got along very well with either of JoJo’s final two guys, Robby Hayes or Jordan Rodgers, but he’s not letting it get to him.

While he’s going to make his thoughts known on the both of them and how he feels about them, he’s kept his love life going just fine. First of all, he was spending a good bit of time with Robby’s ex-girlfriend Hope Higginbotham even though Chad says it was never anything serious.

Now, ET Online is reporting that Chad is prepared to drop a huge piece of news this evening on the “Men Tell All” and it’s that he is now dating Grant Kemp’s ex-girlfriend. That speculation began about a week ago when he decided to make this post on his Instagram account.

His comment about “Don’t sneak around your producer girlfriends back” is an obvious crack at Grant and one that fans knew about early on in this season of The Bachelorette. Back in May, Inquisitr reported that Kemp had allegedly gotten on the show thanks to his now ex-girlfriend’s connections and then dumped her once landing a spot.

Friends of Kemp’s ex-girlfriend started calling him out on social media and he even responded to try and set the record straight.

Tonight on the “Men Tell All,” Chad will drop that huge news and Grant actually stays quite calm and just accuses him of being hungry for fame. He says that it makes Chad “look so thirsty” and that the way he is acting by going after the ex-girlfriends of others guys is “a joke.”

As is to be expected, ABC is taking full safety precautions when it comes to Chad and he was escorted from his trailer to the stage for the show as will be seen tonight. People reported that he does wish JoJo good luck, but he wants her to be aware of what she is getting herself into with either of those two final guys.

“Everyone else knows that Robby [Hayes] broke up with his girlfriend days before filming in order to be on the show with you.,” Johnson says. “And we both know that Jordan [Rodgers] is a liar, cheater, whose own older brother won’t talk to him.”

Chad is not going to hold anything back and he’s still just as dangerous as ever, but that won’t stop other guys from pushing his buttons and looking for a fight.

The Bachelorette is all about JoJo Fletcher this season and her final two picks who happen to be Robby Hayes and Jordan Rodgers. Even though he really only made it through four episodes, Chad Johnson made a true name for himself which has led him to Bachelor In Paradise, and he could get much more out of it. After tonight’s confrontation and performance on the “Men Tell All” special, there is no telling where his fame could bring him.

[Image via Chad Johnson’s Instagram]