PlayStation 4 Beta Sign-Ups For 4.0 Software Release Available

Sony is giving PlayStation 4 owners another opportunity to test an upcoming software update to the console. The company announced beta sign-ups for the 4.0 update to the top-selling console are currently available, with it set to kick off in early August.

Those interested in taking part in the PlayStation 4 System Software 4.0 Beta should head over to the official PlayStation website. Only a valid PSN ID is required to register along with being over the age of 18. Access to a Master Account is also recommended, plus the natural requirement of an internet connection. Those selected will be notified by an email containing a voucher code within the next couple of days.

Details on what the 4.0 beta test for the PS4 will entail is not currently known. Sony plan to reveal the features that will be available in the beta with an announcement next week at the start of August. The beta will then kick off soon afterwards.

“If you aren’t already signed up to the PlayStation Forums, make sure to do so. That way you’ll get access to our beta forums to discuss the new features with other testers. We’ll monitor forums throughout the beta, and it’s always valuable to hear your feedback. We’re listening to all the comments we get to help guide the direction we take.”

This represents a nice speed up in the release cadence of major updates to the PS4 console. The 3.5 update was only released this April, and came with major new features like the ability to remote play from a PC or Mac computer, allow users to appear offline, schedule events with friends, view the PlayStation Plus Hub, and more.

It should be interesting to see if there are any oft-requested features that will make their way into the PS4 4.0 beta release. Some of the most requested features from the PlayStation community include improved library management, such as the ability to create folders to better sort games and apps, plus the ability to hide unwanted items, such as betas and demos. There are also other desires that include everything from 2-step security to custom wallpapers. Community members are currently crossing their fingers hoping their feature is included.

PlayStation VR
This should also be the final update before the release of the PlayStation VR. Don’t expect anything to support the virtual reality headset with the exception of maybe some behind the scene preparation before the full release scheduled for October 13.

Presumably, this will also be around the same time the PlayStation 4 Neo will be released. The upgraded and more expensive version of the PS4 console is thought to be hitting at approximately the same point. However, it could just as easily launch by the end of March, 2017, as Sony has stated it is fine with developers releasing Neo-supported titles ahead of time.

The mid-cycle upgrade to the PS4 will give it a significant boost, thanks to a more powerful graphics processor and a CPU running at a faster clock speed. It is hoped this will be enough to support 4K graphics, but it should benefit VR games and provide a more consistent performance at 1080p and 60 frames per second for standard games.

PlayStation 4 DualShock 4 Controller
Sony skipped showing the PS4 Neo at E3 2016 as Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Andrew House told the Financial Times, “We want to ensure we have a full range of the best experiences on the new system that we can showcase in their entirety.”

What features do you want to see in the PlayStation 4 beta test for the 4.0 system software update? Sound off in the comments below.

[Image via PlayStation]