Will the Brett Favre story ever end?

At this point it is hard to tell whose fault this continuing story is. In the past we have seen Brett Favre manipulate the media to keep himself in the headlines, however in this case the blame seems to rest with Jay Glazer of Fox Sports and that four letter network ESPN.

Glazer wrote a opinion piece where he theorized about the Minnesota Vikings still being interested in bringing Favre to the team. In his story he used several unnamed quotes from Vikings teammates who said they still expected Favre to be a part of their team sometime in 2009.

We must now wonder how much damage this is doing to the Vikings locker room. It appears that many of the Vikings do not believe in QB’s Sage Rosenfels or Tavaris Jackson. Even though Rosenfels played well in their first pre-season game, while Jackson did not. Is this going to be the status quo all season? Every time a Vikings QB struggles are his teammates and the press going to rehash the Favre story?

As for Glazer using unnamed sources to write such an inflammatory story seems out of bounds. Since ESPN has long had a love affair with Favre of course all through Monday’s Sports Center the story was rehashed again and again. It seems in a very real way we are seeing the wheels come of the Vikings season before it even starts.

Rosenfels and Jackson are now in an impossible situation as it appears their teammates, coaches, and maybe even front office have no faith in them.