Mariah Carey Shoots Down Nicki Minaj Feud Rumors

Mariah Carey wants everyone to know that she is not engaged in some type of feud with fellow American Idol judge Nicki Minaj. The women, along with co-judges Keith Urban and Randy Jackson and host Ryan Seacrest, were attending a press conference in New York on Monday when Carey opened up about the rumor.

Carey told reporters that she has only been working with Minaj for two days and “a feud takes a little longer to happen.”

Nicki Minaj also echoed that same statement, noting that the new group of American Idol judges are “getting along wonderfully, darling.”

You may recall that Minaj and Carey have worked before in the past, collaborating on Carey’s song “Up Out My Face,” which debuted in 2010.

The biggest feud may be between Mariah Carey and American Idol. Carey told reports that she has never really liked singing competitions. According to Carey:

“I’ll be completely honest. But I realize what this show has done for such talented artists and truly giving them careers.”

Mariah Carey further admits that, despite her lack of caring for reality TV shows, she’s excited to bring her years of experience to the tablet. Carey says of her strategy for the singing competition:

“I would love to be able to tell the contestants honestly and truthfully what they can really expect, and sometimes you have to tell people, ‘Hey, you really might not want to be in this.’ “

American Idol season 12 debuts in January; I guess we’ll have to wait until then to see if Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj are truly engaged in any type of personal feud.