Selena Gomez’s Social Media Secrets: Every Post Worth $550,000; How She Got Taylor Swift To Break Her Social Media Silence

Selena Gomez is officially the queen bee of digital buzz. According to Ad Week, Selena Gomez currently stands in the number one spot in a list of the top social media influencers.

Measurement company D’Marie Analytics notes that Gomez is worth $550,000 per social media post when the message appears across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The analytics company notes that the amount is $300,000 more than Kendall Jenner, Taylor Swift, or Cara Delevingne could probably have charged last December.

Frank Spadafora, the CEO of D’Marie Group, spoke on the methodology behind Gomez’s impressive $550,000 figure, saying that the stated about is known as the “ad equivalent” per post that is run across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and may not be the actual amount that Gomez is actually getting paid to post a social media, campaign which is, of course, based on the individual deals agreed to between her agents and the brands she is promoting.

“This valuation is based on D’Marie’s algorithm which measures 56 metrics including followers, post frequency, engagement, quality of the post, click-thru and potential to create sales conversions from her social content.”

While Selena Gomez has deals with Coke, Pantene, and Kmart, the CEO of D’Marie Group notes that she doesn’t endorse just any brand.

Frank Spadafora spoke on Selena Gomez’s social media behavior compared to other celebrities, calling it “interesting” that the “Hands to Myself” singer, the most influential person on social media, is “engaged in noticeably fewer campaigns than other celebrities.”

In the CEO’s opinion, Selena Gomez is being smart and is aware that her relationship with her audience on social media will be negatively affected if she saturates her feeds with sponsored content.

Selena Gomez’s audience on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram has been growing at an astounding rate recently, averaging 200,000 new fans or followers per day. She has nearly 90 million followers on Instagram alone, and almost 200 million followers when Facebook and Twitter are added to the mix.

In other news, Selena Gomez is one of Taylor Swift’s best friends and had her back during the recent disastrous Kanye and Kim tape release. In fact, Selena Gomez was the very first of Taylor’s friends to step in and defend her. According to Hollywood Life, Taylor Swift was planning a special surprise for Selena Gomez’s birthday celebration.

A source noted that Taylor had a big surprise planned for the “Love Will Remember” singer’s birthday last week, on July 22. Even though the best friends are currently miles apart, Taylor was expected to make a big deal about her close friend’s birthday and send some special gifts. Swift has a reputation for giving extravagant celebrations and gifts to her fans and friends, and it was expected that Selena Gomez would be no exception. Swift likes to craft, and with all the time she has on her hands in Australia while her boyfriend Tom Hiddleston is filming for Thor: Ragnarok, it was expected that she would give Selena something handmade and from the heart.

Since Taylor is in Australia with her boyfriend and not able to be with Selena for her birthday in the States, most people expect that she will make sure that they meet up soon and that she will take Selena up on her offer to see her perform when she is in Australia in August. Despite Hollywood Life‘s predictions, it is not known as yet what Swift did for Selena Gomez’s birthday yesterday. All that is known is that Swift broke her social media silence, and made her first post following the Kim Kardashian/Kanye West scandal. According to Perez Hilton, the loyal friend posted a sweet throwback photo on Instagram to celebrate Selena Gomez’s birthday.

Taylor already had the opportunity to introduce Selena Gomez to her new man when she took him to the Nashville stop on her Revival World Tour back in June. Swift is especially grateful that Selena stood up for her and defended her during the recent scandal and was, in fact, the very first friend to come to Taylor’s defense on social media after Kim Kardashian and Kanye West played the tape of Taylor and Kanye’s private conversation about him including her in the lyrics for his song “Famous.” Selena took the heat from Swift’s haters on Twitter, and she told them that there are more important things to talk about, also tweeting about people using their voice for a cause that matters.

[Photo by Rich Fury/Invision/AP]