‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Does Frank Have A Magical Ticket To Safety, And Is Victor Trying to Come Between Nicole And Corey? [Spoilers]

Houseguests were all abuzz on live feeds Monday, as a highly anticipated Big Brother 18 secret was discovered. With this mystery find comes a special prize for one lucky cast member, and some believe Frank may have been the willing recipient. Additionally, with Victor back in the house, cast member dynamics have shifted, and Nicole seems to think Victor wants to replace her showmance partner, Corey, and become the new man in her Big Brother life.

Joker’s Updates live feed spoilers reported earlier in the day that the Big Brother 18 secret room had been discovered by Paul. One would surmise that, because Paul was the houseguest to find it, he alone would receive some kind of magical Big Brother 18 power, but that’s not what took place.

According to the RHAPpy Hour podcast hosted by Jordan Parhar, Paul had some choices to make once he found the Paris room, because reportedly he didn’t have to share any information with his fellow cast mates about his find.

RHAPpy Hour Live feed correspondent Alex Kidwell explained there were twelve envelopes in the room, and every houseguest who entered was able to garner one of them. The envelopes are not to be opened until someone is evicted and sits with Big Brother show host Julie Chen for an exit interview. If the booted player has a one-way ticket, the game is over, but if a player has the round-trip ticket, of which there is only one, that player gets another shot at the game and reenters the house.

Live feed correspondent Taran Armstrong noted that Paul could be heard on live feeds after making his discovery asking something of production, inquiring, “Can I say this is…?” but the feeds were then cut. Taran continued by saying Paul then revealed to his fellow Big Brother 18 houseguests, without elaborating too much, that envelopes were in the secret room and he had to pick one of them but couldn’t open it. Thus, Taran assumed Paul must have been told by production he had to tell other players the truth about the room.

The secret room find occurred not long after nominated houseguest and Big Brother veteran Frank was told by his fellow cast members he was going to be evicted Thursday night. This left some pondering whether production is working overtime to make sure Frank received the round trip ticket to keep him in the game.

@MissCleoBB tweeted, “Remember what happened the last time Frank was about to be a pre-jury flop? Oh Grod (referring to Big Brother Executive Producer Alison Grodner) please not again,” and later wrote, “Frank’s envelope will be delivered to him by Grodner herself in the diary room.”

Twitter account, @MichelleMBB18, which notes it is being handled by Big Brother 18 houseguest Michelle’s sister, noted, “I guess Frank isn’t leaving this week, Grodner? #GrodnerExposed.”

Amazingly, players inside the Big Brother 18 house were also concerned about what was taking place with the round trip ticket. According to a @JokersBBUpdates tweet posted at around 10:15 p.m. Big Brother 18 house time, “Paulie said that he wants to make sure Prod doesn’t swap out a card to keep Frank in and we are fished [meaning the live feeds were cut off by production].”

If Frank is evicted on Thursday, which is currently the Big Brother 18 house plan, it will be revealed whether he holds the return trip ticket back into the house when he sits in front of Julie. If he does not, all speculation and innuendo will cease, but if he does, it is likely due to coincidence and nothing else, but it will also be fodder for conspiracy theorists and the like.

In the meantime, Nicole, as well as her showmance partner, Corey, are getting somewhat fed up with Victor and his apparent attraction for Nicole. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, after returning to the house following his eviction and Battle Back win, Victor has insinuated in front of Nicole to Corey about a girl Corey met prior to entering the Big Brother 18 house, seemingly trying to make Nicole question her showmance.

Nicole could be heard on live feeds over the weekend stating that Victor has tried to jump in bed with her, with or without Corey being present. Big Brother Network reports on Monday, Corey said he is frustrated with Victor flirting with Nicole.

According to Joker’s Updates, Nicole stated she believes Victor is trying to create tension between her and Corey, so they will fight with one another, presumably so Victor can step in and save the day.

As noted prior by Inquisitr, Victor was in a brief relationship with Natalie the first week of the Big Brother 18 game, but ended it because he apparently understood that most times a showmance can hinder a player’s game. It is unclear if a relationship with Nicole is now on Victor’s mind or if his strategy in the game is to simply break up alliances he deems to be powerful.

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