Maria Menounos Joins Psy For ‘Gangnam Style’ Flashmob [Video]

Gangnam Style” Korean rapper Psy could probably be elected president of the United States the way he has taken our country by storm.

In his latest US television appearance, Psy (Park Jae-sang) joined Maria Menounos and Mario Lopez for a taping of Extra that featured a flashmob performing Psy’s internet smash hit at The Grove in West Hollywood (see clip below). Extra announced the event in advance on its blog, and, from the looks of things, there was a huge turnout. The “Gangnam Style” flashmob was due to air in full on Extra last night.

Among many other appearances on his crowded “dance card” in the past week, Psy, 34, performed the “Gangnam Style” moves with the cast of the Today Show. On his US tour, Psy has also appeared on Ellen and at the MTV Video Music Awards. His dance video has also inspired numerous parodies.

“Gangnam Style” now has over 200 million YouTube hits. provide some background on the meaning of Psy’s viral video:

“Gangnam is an affluent part of South Korea’s capital, Seoul, likened to Manhattan or Beverly Hills. Psy’s take on Gangnam’s ‘style’ is a reference to fancy living and in the song is used to impress a love interest over a European influenced dance backing.”

Based on the viral success of his catchy music video, Psy has recently signed a contract with Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun to break into the American market in a big way.

Here is a video of the Extra “Gangnam Style” flashmob:

Gangnam Style” also made it to Saturday Night Live. Watch the SNL season premiere spoof of “Gangnam Style,” with — of course — the creator making an appearance.