42nd Anniversary Of Jimi Hendrix’s Death

It’s pretty safe to presume that Jimi Hendrix’s name is securely fastened in rock and roll history. Whether this is due to the setting fire of his guitar at Monterey in 1967, his mesmerising rendition of the “Star Spangled Banner” at Woodstock, or simply because he was one cool dude, there are plenty of reasons to adore the axeman.

But by dying at the tender age of 27 in 1970, Hendrix assured that his legacy would live on. What could he have gone on to achieve? Who knows? But now forever preserved as a glorious young guitarist, he is part of unique clique of musicians who are known throughout the world, regardless of whether people have heard their records.

Today marks the 42nd anniversary of Jimi Hendrix’s death in Kensington, London. Having only found fame just four years previously, Hendrix went on to change the musical landscape and became an instant star, with his peers left trailing in his wake at the immense skill and craft he had with the instrument in his hand.

The Seattle born rocker perished due to a drug and alcohol related tragedy, which has often been the subject of many conspiracy theories with Hendrix’s manager even rumored to have killed him because the star wanted to leave his contract. Of course, this has never come anyway near to being confirmed.

With a biopic starring Andre 3000 in the lead role already shooting, expect a lot more coverage to adorn Hendrix over the coming months, but let’s always remember how he changed the sound of pop music forever.